The Book Blog Memory Challenge Tag

I wasn’t officially tagged or anything but I saw Amber at My Bookshelf Is Hungry doing it and she tagged everyone so here we go!  Oh and I believe GloriaTheViolinist started it all so head on over there!

I really, really, REALLY tried not to cheat 😀

1.  When Angel’s Fail by Michael Benavidez (if I hadn’t read that book and reviewed it so recently… it would have been a real tough question to answer my friend!)
2.  Eragon by Christopher Paolini.  That ones a no-brainer for me!  Oh and I’m sorry if I get some author’s names wrong – I’m dong this no-cheating thing 100%!
3.  Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (well I guess the co-main character was George…)
4.  The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith.  HA!  I only got that one because I just did that review!
5.  …Uh…Does it count that the Embrace series’ author is from Australia?  Well at least I think she is…
6.  Why is this one so hard??  I’m sure I’ve read one…
7.  Easy peasy – Defy by… somebody!
8.  THE ONE BY KIERA CASS!!!  I didn’t even have to TRY!
9.  Looks up eponymous… so it looks like it’s when the character’s name is part of the title.  So I’ll go with Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore.
10.  The Fault in Our Stars by John Green – so sad!

I tag all you wonderful people who are reading this and haven’t done it yet!  GO DO IT NOW!  Hehe just kidding… but really – it’s fun!

0 thoughts on “The Book Blog Memory Challenge Tag”

  1. Haha yeah I can't believe that I've read so many books but I can't remember any set in Australia or any with a month in the title! *shakes head* But yeah – it gave me a chance to go through all the books I've read – I'd forgotten about some of them! You did pretty well too 🙂


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