Bookish Discussions ~ Paperback, Hardcover, or Ebook?

Hello everyone!  So I was thinking… now that my life has started back up again, reading enough books to post four reviews is looking like a daunting task.  So I’ll be replacing my Thursday reviews with these bookish discussions!  I’ll talk about whatever strikes my fancy that day (anything bookish of course!).  So here is my reworked schedule:

Sunday: Review
Monday: Review
Tuesday: Top Ten Tuesday or TTT or a Tag
Wednesday: WoW or WWW
Thursday: Bookish Discussions
Friday: Review
Saturday: Stacking the Shelves or any miscellaneous post!

So there you go (I’m also working on an image for this as well as a blog banner!)!  My first bookish topic will be the endless discussion of paperback, hardcover, or ebook!

This day in age, ereaders are all the rage.  However, book addicts like myself want to hold onto that amazing paper smell and the beautiful hardcovers all lined up on the shelf.  It’s iconic you know?  And they all look so pretty!

The Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Compared to all those icky ebook libraries.

This is just me, but that doesn’t look too appealing.  Ebooks do have some nice things about them though!  If I’m going on a trip, I never forget my kindle.  You can hold an endless (well it seems endless) amount of books on it and whenever I’m done with one book, the next one is right at my fingertips!

Say you like physical books though and swear never to buy one of those fancy doodledoos.  Well do you get paperback or hardcover?

I don’t know about you, but I always buy hardcovers.  Why?  Because this happens:

The pages and the cover gets all bent!  I know, I know, hardcovers are so much more expensive but they last so much longer!  And for me, I’ll only buy a book after I’ve read it and loved it.  Just look at the beautifulness!

Paperbacks are less expensive though so if it’s a popular book, it might be more economical to buy a paperback.

Which do you prefer?  Paperback, hardcover, or ebook?

0 thoughts on “Bookish Discussions ~ Paperback, Hardcover, or Ebook?”

  1. I'm an ebook person. Occasionally I'll read physical books, but with the work load I have as a Junior, I simply don't have enough room in my backpack for a lot of books. in fact… even my text books don't fit. Nor my binder. This isn't going to go well for me, is it? >_<


  2. Me too! I love the look of nice hardcovers on my shelf, but my backpack is already full to bursting! Haha unfortunately… probably not… don't you have like a locker or something at school so you can put textbooks you don't need for your next class in it?


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