#BookBlogWriMo – Advice For Newbie Bloggers

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Today’s Topic: Advice for Newbie Bloggers – Be Yoda. Share your secrets. Do or do not, there is no try.

First of all, sorry this is late going up… I was having some real life craziness going on and then my computer refused to load blogger so it was a mess.  But anyway, I’ll be posting the ones I missed so it’s all good!

So advice… I think my biggest thing is organization.  I’ve only been in the blogosphere for about… eh 5 months now.  So I’m not exactly Yoda… but I can be like mini Yoda or a Yoda in training or something!

Organization is key to everything.  I realize that not everyone is prone to have super organization skills with color coding madness and fancy file folders but you can’t have crazy papers all over the joint either.  Have some sort of system and/or list of things.

So what I do is if I ever print anything out that pertains to my blogging life, I put it in my file folder and keep everything nice and organized.  I don’t do that a lot of the time though so I also keep my email inbox nice and organized with folders and things.  Also, make sure you clean out your email thoroughly about once a month to make sure you didn’t miss anything important or something important got sent to your spam folder (that happens all the time to me).

I also keep a running list of all of my R&R’s, the dates that I received them, whether or not I’m doing an interview and if I’ve completed the interview, whether or not I’m doing a giveaway, and any time requests the author had.  If the list grows beyond 15 total I still have to read at any given point, I’ll top offering R&R requests for about two months.  This way, I try not to be overwhelmed by R&R’s.

Another organization tip: use a calender.  This will help you keep track of what you signed up for (blog tours, that sort of thing) and if you have to do anything for it (like read and review a book before a certain date for the tour).

I also have this amazing bulletin board in my room that I tack up my R&R lists, any books I looked at recently and wanted to read but my computer was being mean, movies I want to see and their release dates, along with to-do lists.  It’s right by my door so I see it whenever I go in or out of my room.  This helps me stay focused and remember what I have to do.

Hmmmm any other tips besides organization… I guess just surf around the blogosphere and get involved.  I know it’s such overused advice but seriously, you’ll get to know some amazing people.  It may seem like work at first to read so many blog posts and leave comments but it’s totally worth it!  You really get to know people and you can fangirl together and all that amazing stuff!

What’s your advice for newbie bloggers?

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