#BookBlogWriMo – The Future of Your Blog

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Today’s Topic: The Future of Your Blog – Where do you think you’re going? Get in touch with your inner Miss Cleo.


You see, I’ve never been much of a planner…. The most I’ve ever planned is maybe 3 days in advance (with the exception of scheduled blog posts of course!).

I think ultimately, I want to make this blog a part of my life and really get into the daily posting thing.  I may end up deciding to have a co-blogger to keep up with everything.

Also, I really want to become more involved and learn a lot more about code and all the techy things that are sort of a necessity when you have an online blog.

I hear people talking about Netgalley all the time and it sounds like such an amazing thing so I’d like to start doing that too!

Oh and I’d like to include different kinds of posts other than tags, reviews, challenges, awards, and all that.  If you guys have any ideas, let me know!

So thinking big picture for a second, I just want to grow this blog and become more involved.  I really love doing this but it’s more of a side-project in the present.  Hopefully in the future I can change that!

A banner would also help……… me and my procrastination!

What do you envision for the future of your blog?

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