Bookish Discussions: Eating While Reading

I’M MAKING GRAPHICS GUYS!  I feel like such a computer whiz now 😉

So, eating while reading.  Or drinking while reading.  I’ve met tons of people who have a favorite beverage or snack while they’re reading.  But I have a questions for all y’all.  If you’re reading a physical books, what if you spill your drink on it?  Or get crumbs in the spine??  The HORROR!  See, I’m a person that simply has to keep my books nice and new and never spill anything on them.

It’s the same if I’m reading on my kindle.  Once, when I was reading on my iPod, I was drinking a glass of milk.  Everything was fine and dandy until I accidentally knocked over the glass and milk got all over my iPod.  It still worked, thank goodness, but it was a little out of wack.  So I’ve basically been traumatized for my entire life never to eat or drink while I read.

I do allow myself to eat popcorn and chips though as long as I have a napkin close at hand.  I couldn’t bear it if I got grease or butter stains all over my beautiful books or kindle or iPod!

So for me, this is a resounding no.  I can’t eat/drink while I read any book.  That brings us to the next topic though.  Because you can read all sorts of things that aren’t books!  For me in particular, I like to sit down at the kitchen table on a Saturday afternoon with a Time Magazine and a pot pie and read to my hearts content.  It’s the same in the mornings of everyday (ah Yoda…).  I’ll make my breakfast and sit down with the newspaper (archaic I know) and read without worry because no matter what, I’ll only read each page once and then it goes in the recycle bin.  If you haven’t had a pot pie, I strongly recommend them because they are just pure perfection!  I don’t know if that’s a US thing but dang they’re good!  I mean just look at that!

In the winter is the only time I really have a favorite beverage.  Well, unless fruit smoothies count as a beverage because I drink those up like nobody’s business in the summer!  In the winter, I love drinking mint hot dark chocolate (or is it mint dark chocolate hot chocolate?).  Come home and sit down for an hour with a nice cup with at least 3 marshmallows and read to my heart’s content.  That’s the life my friend.

And yes, I do make exceptions from time to time with my no liquids rule if I’m feeling super careful that day!

Also, like I mentioned, in the summer, I’m obsessed with cold fruit smoothies.  So I’ll usually have one of those for lunch and just read for 2 hours.  It’s beautiful man.

I have heard from multiple people that tea is their favorite beverage to drink whilst reading a book.  I’ve tried to like tea, I really have.  But it still baffles me how people can like that watery, icky stuff.  No offence if you’re a tea lover of course! 😀  Coffee and hot chocolate are the way to go!

So that concludes this discussion post.  What are your favorite beverages and foods to consume while reading?

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  1. I also do not like to eat or drink while reading. I am so afraid that I'm going to accidentally stain my books. But I do allow myself to eat while reading, once in a while but the foods are mostly solid so it won't accidentally spill on the books or something. I have to be extra careful not to spill crumbs though. It's such a nightmare if the crumbs fall through the inside of the book spine. It's hard to get it out! Mostly though I find it hard to eat while reading even if I want to. I have to balance between holding my food and opening my book. It's kind of distracting and I don't want to open my books very wide (which is what I have to do if I'm eating) because I don't want to crack the spine. xD So, in the end I'll just put the book down and finish my foods before continue reading. It's safer and faster that way. xDOh, I'm definitely a coffee drinker! I have no problem with tea but I rather drink coffee. 🙂


  2. Like you, I don't want to spill food or beverages on my books either, thank goodness I haven't had any major mishaps in that department. My big issue with eating food while reading is that I find eating food to be too distracting of a task while I'm reading for the most part. So, I generally avoid eating while reading… The only exception is if I eat while listening to an audiobook… In fact, I kind of like listening to an audiobook while making and/ eating a meal…. Beverages are okay to drink while reading though.


  3. I know exactly what you mean! If I ever got crumbs in the books spine I'd sit there for 10 minutes shaking the book upside down and using a toothpick to get it out. It is distracting! It's like, 'okay, I'll take a bite of my corn every 2 paragraphs'. You can never actually concentrate on the book! Yes! Welcome to Team Coffee! 😀


  4. Ooo that actually sounds like a good idea to listen to an audiobook while eating! That way, you can still get into the story and enjoy your favorite meal 🙂 Crossing my fingers that you don't spill your drinks!


  5. Hahah someone understands! xD Exactly! It's like, I have to keep my eyes on the book and at the same time take a bite of the food and I don't even know what I'm biting! Hahah Team Coffee all the way! 🙂


  6. I'm super crazy about keeping my books in pristine condition, too! I refuse to eat or drink around them unless it's just water. I'm a tea lover, but I couldn't imagine drinking tea while reading. I'd be so afraid of spilling it and staining pages! Ahhh!You're not alone! I still read the newspaper everyday. But I stick with the digital version because the local paper delivery guy/lady is really slow and doesn't usually deliver here until 6 or 7 at night! Unacceptable.


  7. I love the topic of this discussion, as I never thought of it as something to discuss but I literally do it everyday! I've been reading while eating ever since I was little and have had remarkably few casualties. I do try to not eat while eating food with my hands (I'm OCD about my books being clean and so I don't want greasy stains!) and I'll reach for a not brand new or fancy book JUST in case I spill something!


  8. Haha me too! Food is a beautiful thing ^.^Wow even when you were little? I think that was when I was the messiest and my parents just took my books away when it was time to eat! Oh my goodness yes! Potato chip stains are the worst for me. Excellent idea! That would be horrible if you're so excited about reading this amazing book that just came in the mail and it's so pretty and you just dump your coffee all over it! *shivers*


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