Review Friday: Empower by Jessica Shirvington

Goodreads Blurb:
It has been two years since Violet Eden walked away from the city, her friends, her future and – most importantly – her soulmate, Lincoln. Part angel, part human, Violet is determined to stand by the promises she made to save the one she loves.

Living in the perpetual coldness of a broken soul she survives day to day as a Rogue Grigori in London.

But when an unexpected visitor shows up at her door, the news he bears about someone she swore to protect leaves Violet with no choice.

Even worse, she fears that this might all lead back to the night she tries hardest to forget. And what was taken without her permission.

Violet is going back to New York … and she knows exactly who is going to be there.

With Phoenix in her dreams and Lincoln in her heart she knows it is only a matter of time before the final choice must be made.”

This was exactly the conclusion I was looking for!  It was explosive, heartbreaking, heartwarming, action-packed, lovey-dovey, everything!

The gamble you take when you read a series is whether or not the finale will be a good one.  Because if you read a bad finale, you’ll always remember that instead of the awesomeness leadng up to it.  If it’s a good finale, BRAVO!  The perfect capstone on one awesomesauce series!

That gamble paid off in this book.  I’m going to keep it brief and vague because if I don’t, I’ll end up giving away everything!

Phoenix remains one of my favorite characters throughout this book.  He sacrifices so much for Violet and is just an all-around complex character.  He’s bad and then good and then stuck in the middle somewhere and it’s just perfect.

Violet and Lincoln are everything you could hope for in this book and really, in a reunion to end all reunions!  These two have some major unresolved issues and chemistry that all comes into play.  The best thing I love about their relationship in this book is how Violet’s reasons aren’t all based on ‘Oh I just want you to live!’ it’s much more than that and it’ll blow your mind.  One of my favorite scenes of this book is when all the secrets come out and they have their little chat.

Aaaand I’m getting to deep so I’ll just quick talk about the ending and we’ll be through!  The ending was everything I could have hoped for.  When I read the last sentence, it’s that contented feeling you get knowing that everything is okay but not okay and the characters will fight through more.  It had that perfect unknown yet resolved feeling you know?

The Final Verdict:
A fabulous end to a fabulous series!  The characters and plot were spot on and the ending tied it all up but still left just the right loose ends wonderfully.  If you haven’t read this series, I recommend it!
5 stars

“His words were so…Phoenix. A complication” 

“And as soon as he was gone, I saw beyond, to where Lincoln stood, exactly where I’d seen him last, when I’d begged him to trust me.
And my heart shuttered to life.
Because he had.”

“Love is all the small moments. It is what fills the quiet.” 

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  1. I read the first book in this series sometime last year, and I loved it! It was just so amazingly written. I still haven't picked up the other books in this series, but I'm definitely planning on sometime soon! 🙂 I'm glad to see that the rest of the series is just as good as the first book. I'm glad you enjoyed this! Great review, Laura! 😉


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