Bookish Discussions: The Beauty of Bookstores

Today’s topic iiiiiiiiis… Drum roll please…. The Beauty of Bookstores!

Because of the rise of ebooks, bookstores everywhere are slowly closing!  Especially independent book shops where they have those old comfy chairs and you can sit and read all day and smell that awesome smell of old paper… Mmmmm 😀

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been in many independent book stores because I mainly buy all my physical books online on Amazon or I borrow them from the library.  In my area, we don’t really have that many independent book stores at all actually.

It’s quite sad to me though, how they’re slowly disappearing because people buy their books online.  Look at these gorgeous book stores!

Aren’t they beautiful?

I wish I could just take a whole day and go to a book store and just read.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?  Have any of you ever actually done that?

You just can’t get that atmosphere at an online book store with their fancy HTML codes and font styles and all that techy stuff.  Not that it isn’t good in it’s own way, but book stores have their own charm and awesomeness.

Do you have a favorite book store?  Do you have a lot of independent book stores where you live?

I’ve actually read about some book stores that keep cats so while you’re reading you can cuddle a kitty!  That just sounds like the perfect day to me.  You can’t do that at an online book store!

What are your favorite things about physical book stores?

0 thoughts on “Bookish Discussions: The Beauty of Bookstores”

  1. I haven't been to any independent bookstore yet but I'm hoping to visit one soon if ever I get to find one. I mostly buy my books at the local physical book stores because if I order it online, it would take a month to be delivered here in the Philippines. I just love the feeling of walking into one and see these rows and rows of books. I'd be there for hours and my mom or whoever I'm with would always tell me to hurry up.Danna @ A Reading Habit


  2. I have one independent book store near me. It is a bit small, but it feels really cozy that way; and it is right near both a bagel and a coffee shop so there are great snacks that you can get after buying a nice little paperback. I really love it!


  3. I love indie bookstores and write reviews of the ones I visit!! I try to make a point of visiting indie bookstores in new towns or cities I visit. I know of several indie bookstores that have closed over the years and it is sad to see them go.When I lived in the Santa Barbara, California area the chain bookstores closed and there were only indie bookstores, which was awesome!So what do I love about indie bookstores?? I love that they have monthly book club meet ups, author events/signings, staff picks/recommendations, that they each have their own unique style and are passionate about books.Do I have a favorite bookstore? Oy, I'm not sure… I've never thought about it.Some of ones I've enjoyed visiting over the years are as follows:* Bart's Books in Ojai, California — Used Bookstore and it's unique as it is outdoors, with great sitting areas and the last time I was there they even had a cat as a mascot!* The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles, California. It's been a few years since I've been there, but I loved that they have tons of events, coffee/espresso for sale, huge bookstore with unique layout and decor, large bargain book section, and they even sell records!* The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are a specialty bookstore that primarily focuses on the mystery/suspense/thriller genre and have tons of author events.* Elaine's Book Mark Paperback in Escondido, CA. This is a HUGE used bookstore.* Granada Books in downtown Santa Barbara, California. Nice events and ope late hours. is a very short list of interesting bookstores that I have visited and liked… I could share more. But am now inspired to make my own post of favorite bookstores.


  4. I have three favorite bookstores. One is Ukazoo. It's primarily a used bookstore where you can sell your books to them as well. They have a huge selection, especially of sci-fi and fantasy. They are also really cool there and have a nice atmosphere. The other bookstore is Daedalus. It's got really great discounts on books and it's nice and big. The third \”store\” is called The Book Thing and it's really just a warehouse where you can take books for free. People drop off their books and they get vaguely organized by volunteers. You can take as many as you want. I can always find cool stuff there.I read mostly ebooks now though so I haven't gone to bookstores quite as much. I read faster on my Kindle and I like to read at night in bed when it's dark so it's great for that.Cayt @ Vicarious Caytastrophe


  5. I love bookstores a lot! Whenever I go outside of this country back home to England (we don't have English language book bookstores here) I always buy a load of books and lug them back. Otherwise I am stuck to buying things online instead. But yes, I love them and they can be beautiful as well!


  6. Me too! I keep hearing from people how awesome they are and I haven't really been to any myself 😦 Oh wow that's a loooong time… Is it terrible I'm glad I don't live in the Philippines just because of that? Haha it's the same for me! They just don't understand 😀


  7. Seriously?? You lucky duck!! That must be awesome – go browse for a couple hours then hop on next door to read the entire thing with food and hot beverages (food and books totally go together!). I want that book shop!


  8. Aw yeah that is really sad :(That is my city!! Can I just move there please?? :DYou've been to so many! Maybe that should be my next vacation… just travel around the county and go to all the indie bookstores I find. That is like the book lovers dream vacation 🙂


  9. Why is it that every library except mine has this limit? It sounds like a terrible thing but that would actually help me SO much! Living in the country isn't all bad… except for the lack of random bookstores…


  10. Wait wait hold the phone!! You can take as many books as you want FOR FREE?? Mind. Blown. Like seriously. I'm so jealous right now!I read faster on my kindle as well although nothing can beat that paper smell 😀


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