Bookish Discussions: Reading Outside

It’s Spring!!  Well, at least where I live.  And with Spring comes reading outside and all the pleasures and annoyances that go along with it!

I was stopping over at The Broke and Bookish and Daisy was talking about reading outside!  Well that’s just the perfect topic for Spring!

I just love reading outside.  It’s one of the greatest joys in life!  Feeling that warm breeze and the sun keeping your toes warm while you end a different world.  Reading inside in the winter is good too with a cup of piping hot chocolate but it doesn’t even begin to match reading outside in the springtime.  You see, I actually don’t really like reading outside in the summertime because where I live, everything is pretty humid and the sun really beats down on you and I have to slather on 3 layers of sunscreen before I venture outside.  And then it’s so bright out so you have to wear sunglasses but then it’s harder to read the words… I guess I could try audiobooks but that’s a discussion for another day.

Just sitting outside on my comfy porch chair, on a blanket, or even right on the grass (although then ants crawl all over the book which is kind of bad unless I want a colony of ants living inside my house).

One thing that’s never bothered me but it probably impacts a lot of other people is allergies.  It must suck to have to either stock up on drugs, just grin and bear it, or not venture outside in the spring.

Do any of you have allergies that prevent you from going outside and reading?  Do you go outside anyway?

I’m also kind of paranoid about ticks now because once I came in from reading outside and that night I found 2 ticks clinging to my hair.  It freaked me out.  So I usually keep to the middle of my yard (I have a pretty big yard) and away from all the brush and such.

Have you ever come in from reading outside and had bugs all over you?  Or does this only happen to me?

There’s also the matter of eating outside.  As I mentioned in one of my other discussion posts, I really don’t eat too much while I’m reading but when I’m outside, I’ll have some M&M’s or nuts or something.  But it doesn’t work if you’re eating on the ground and then ants are kidnapping my food.

Despite all this, I just love sitting outside and hearing the birds and feeling the sun and smelling the grass while reading.  I could do it all day!

Do you love reading outside as well or do you prefer reading inside?

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  1. I actually have photosensitivity, so I break out into a rash when I'm in the sun. It's doesn't always happen, though. I'm not sure why it happens or what it is, but it prevents me from enjoying the outdoors like I want to.


  2. I enjoy reading outside on occasion, but again then it depends on the circumstances. I don't have seasonal allergies, so that isn't a deterrent for me being outdoors during the spring or summer months, thank goodness! I don't like bugs either… But thank goodness don't have to deal with ants or ticks (I'd freak out with ticks though as I nearly always associated them with Lyme's disease!!). If I do read outdoors, it use to be at the beach in a beach chair when the weather when we lived near the beach or at a park. Now that I've moved to Northern California and away from the beaqch, I find that I am not outdoors as much reading even though we have a balcony with bistro table and chairs + fabulous view of a golf course…. In the summer months, the weather can reach 90+ degrees becoming very hot. In the spring, the weather can vary in temperatures along with the breeze. During the spring months, the weather can be perfect or too cool and breezy to enjoy the time outdoors. As far as food, I may enjoy a beverage outdoors while I'm reading, but that's about it.


  3. That really sucks 😦 I used to have that when I was younger but I guess I grew out of it now…? I don't know if you can grow out of it but it doesn't happen anymore. Have you tried gradually exposing your skin to the sun? I think that's what I started doing and it seemed to help. After all those months cooped up in the house while it's freezing outside, you don't get much sun and then all of a sudden you're outside all the time. So during those transition days I'd go outside for maybe half an hour to an hour each day before full blown spring hit. I hope you'll still be able to enjoy spring though!


  4. It'd be so terrible to be allergic to pollen or something yeah! I do too! I keep thinking that every tick I find somewhere on me has already bitten me and I won't catch it in time! *shivers* That'd be so nice to live by a beach and be able to read out there… Whenever my family goes on a vacation to a beach that's how I spend my days. Not in the pool or the water or anything. Just reading on the sand!Awwww and even if you did live by a beach, the water and everything is a bit chillier farther up in California isn't it? You lucky duck! Well, except for the weather… heat is not fun.Me too! 😀


  5. I get burned really easily and have sensitive eyes, so I don't read outside all that much. I do like to sit on my screened in porch with the windows open though. And sitting in the shade of a tree is nice as well. I sometimes sit out and read while my dog plays in the yard. I read eBooks more often then not so I have to make sure there's no glare, but my Kindle Paperwhite takes care of that for the most part.Vicarious Caytastrophe


  6. Ugh that must suck 😛 Haha that way you're dog gets his/her exercise while you get in reading time! Really? I've been looking for a new kindle because mine is starting to act a little wonky and soon I'm betting it'll just die like my last one. Maybe I'll get a paperwhite!


  7. I LOVE reading outside, but I try to stay away from the grass area so bugs don't get on my books. I like to read on a lounge chair either by the pool or on the patio, with a little table so I can easily set my book on that rather than on the ground. I like to multitask in the summer and work on my tan while reading 😉 Reading outside is just such a nice change from reading inside, and it's also a great place to take pictures of your books! -Cristina @ Girl in the Pages


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