Blogoversary and the (hopefully last) Schedule For Next Year!

Okay.  This year has been such a crazy year for me!  A little over a year ago, Blue Eye Books was born on a whim and has continued to (sort of) thrive!  Well, except for this last month or two.  That was a bit of a rough patch.  But before we get to that, I’d like to thank a bunch of people who initially welcomed me into the blogging community and made me feel so welcome!  I was friends with a bunch of these people on Goodreads as well!

To The Fangirling Misses (Belle, Cass, and Tia)- you guys are so awesome!  Your blog was one of the first I subscribed to and it inspired me so much!  Your quirky personalities add so much character to your reviews and your new blog design kicks butt!

To the ladies at My Addiction: Books (Haley and Cari) – I love, love, love your theme over at your blog and the colors are spectacular.  You guys always make me laugh and we share basically the same bookish tastes!  Keep on rocking!

To Jazmen at This Girl Reads A Lot – I believe I subscribed to your blog a little later in my blogging journey but ever since your posts never fail to make me laugh!  Your reviews are so well written and make so much sense to me – I love reading all of them!  Your formatting is on point!

To Saloni at My Fantabulous Bookshelf – Your blog was one of the first that I followed and I really love both listening to and reading your reviews – whichever you decide to do that day.  I’ve never particularly liked listening to book bloggers on YouTube simply because everything is so drawn out but you were so good at getting to the point and talking about what you really wanted to!

To Rachel (aka Miss Perfection) at A Perfection Called Books – Can I first say that I LOVE your blog design?  Seriously, goals right there!  You always keep everything so fresh and funny and just plain awesome and I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts!  It really helped me out when I was starting out and had no idea what to write about!

To Anna at Enchanted by YA – I couldn’t believe my luck when I found your blog a couple weeks after I started mine!  It was like a dream come true!  I’m a sucker for fantasy and science fiction and basically anything related to that and your blog gave me such good ideas for what books to read and which ones to pass on in that department!

There have been so many other great bloggers that I’ve connected with over this past year that I appreciate so so much but that list would be a mile long!

I’d also like to thank all the authors that entrusted me with their books in exchange for an honest review.  Especially when I was starting out, I wasn’t exactly all that good at writing reviews but I did my best and you all were so nice to me!  I couldn’t believe it when the first author contacted me with a book for me to review!  It was a dream come true!

Now for the schedule!  As you may have noticed, I’ve kind of been MIA the past 3 weeks.  Those weeks were jam packed full of… well everything!  There’s finals and college research and vacation research and solo and ensemble and prom and AP tests and one of my best friends is moving away (which makes two in one year) and drivers ed and it was all just kind of crushing you know?  All on top of the usual homework.  So it’s safe to say it was just a little stressful.  And you know what I do to relieve stress?  Why read of course!  But I didn’t have to time to write any reviews.  At one point I caught myself trying desperately to finish 3 posts in a 30 minute lunch period when I should have been studying for the Spanish test that was the next hour.  Yeah.  Kind of a problem!  So I just went away for a bit.  But now I’m back with a plan!

You see, what I’ve figured out is that I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard – especially when school is in session.  So what I’ve decided to do is to write just 3-4 posts a week.  Yes, drastic change isn’t it from the 7 solid posts a week.  The way I figure it, I’ll be able to get really ahead in the summer and then stay ahead during the school year and if, for a week or two I can’t write posts, I already have some so I’ll slowly run out by the time the school year ends!

This will help as well with the writers block that I’ve been having.  I have nearly 20 books that I need to review but when I sit down to write the actual review (and not just find all the info) and I can’t think of what to say!  I mean, I remember the books (even if I read them a long time ago all I need to do is read the blurb and I’ll recall most everything that happened in it) but I just don’t know how to phrase what I want to say!

So I was thinking I could do my Stacking the Shelves and weekly wrap up on the weekend (most likely on Sunday) then two reviews sandwiching a feature or tag or something!  We’re going to try this out and see how it goes!

Thank you all so much for following my blog and for all those who helped me along my journey!  You guys are awesome!

0 thoughts on “Blogoversary and the (hopefully last) Schedule For Next Year!”

  1. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D3-4 posts a week is a good plan! It's usually what I do each week and it's not too stressful! Looking forward to the year to come!!-Megan, Books of Fascination


  2. This post has literally just gave me all the feels. Aww shucks, this post really came at the right time. I really appreciate your comments. I never thought of myself as funny but thanks so much for following me and continuing to support me. Good luck with all the scheduling craziness, and here's to another year!


  3. 🙂 You're such an awesome blogger and you have an amazing blog! Your design is so pretty and your posts are always so sincere and yes, funny! Well, at least to me… 😀 Thanks! It should make the next year go more smoothly. Cheers!


  4. Happy blogiversary!! Sounds like you've been really busy the past few weeks and like you, I find reading books a great way to relieve stress!Writing 3 – 4 blog posts sounds like a good plan. :-)Happy reading and blogging!


  5. Thanks! Yeah it's been really intense but it's slowly letting up 🙂 It's just so nice to go someplace else for a while!It seems much easier than what I was trying to do this past year. I was racing towards blogger burnout :PYou too!


  6. Happy Blogoversary! 😀 Thank you so much for your nice comments – it really means a lot! I absolutely love your blog & reading your posts – here's to another great year of blogging!! 🙂


  7. Congrats on your blogoversary, Laura! I personally find 3-4 posts a week a pretty sweet spot as far as blogging goes- that was the schedule for my entire first year blogging, and I was able to schedule reviews/posts ahead of time if I had a vacation or something. To remember a book for review (if you have the kindle edition) I use the highlight feature to document turning points in the plot, or things that made me think/brought out a strong reaction. I also do preliminary notes as soon as I finish a book, because my memory's a little off some days.~Litha Nelle


  8. Happy late blogoversary! And it's so nice that you had people to help you along when you first started blogging. I know some of these bloggers myself and they're really nice people 🙂 I totally understand the stress thing – it happens to everyone. It's okay that you're lowering the the amount of posts on your blog from now on; after all, it's quality over quantity! It's never a good feeling when blogging feels like a job. It's a hobby, and it shouldn't feel like something you're forcing yourself to do.


  9. Thanks Litha! Yeah I found that one post a day was NOT going to happen for next year! I've been looking on other blogs and it seems like the best in terms of balancing quality vs. quantity. That's a really good idea! I do have a kindle and I use it for all of my R&R books (which I'm notorious for forgetting small details!). I actually do do notes most of the time right after I finish a book just to get my thoughts down and outline what I want to say. Everything goes so much smoother when I remember to do that! Thanks for the advice!


  10. Thanks Preethi! Yes it's definitely what saved me from crashing and burning! Also, just having people who like reading your posts encouraged me so much. Everyone is so nice and welcoming! For sure! Haha I don't think anyone needs any more stress in their life! Definitely – blogging is an awesome hobby to have and should never feel like a job or an obligation!


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