BABB August Challenge: DIY GSD

So I’ve decided to do the same challenge that I did last month: get all my reviews done!  I got all of them half done… meaning that I wrote down notes for all of them but I just didn’t write them all out and put them up on Goodreads to get the books off of my currently reading shelf.  So that’s this month’s challenge!  If I have time during that (August is a BUSY month for me this year!) I’m going to be cleaning up my sidebar!

P.S. I know, I know, the month is already half over… but what can I say?  I have serious procrastination issues…

0 thoughts on “BABB August Challenge: DIY GSD”

  1. Yay, good luck with the challenge! I've made a policy for myself where I can't read a new book until I review the book I just finished. It keeps my review queue low, my review quality is better and more detailed, and there is less stress!! Good luck, I know you'll do well 😀 Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


  2. Thanks! That's such a good idea… I don't know if I have that kind of discipline though! I mean, I get all these books from the library and once I finish one, I just want to keep on reading more! Still, maybe I'll try it 😀


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