Stacking the Shelves (29) and A Week In Review

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly event hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.  It features books you’ve recently added to your shelves, be it from the library, bookstore, or ebooks.

I got a bunch of books from the library before I left on vacation and then while I was on vacation, I just had to stop at a flea market and get some books!


Stand-alone to date

Hey it’s Patrick Ness!  I still haven’t finished his The Knife of Never Letting Go series but I thought I’d give this a shot since I’m having a hard time finishing that series.

Sky Chasers #1

I just saw the cover at the library and thought it looked interesting… yeah…

Stand-alone to date

Again, I saw the cover and blurb at the library and thought it looked pretty good.

Collection of fairy tales

I’ve always been curious about the original versions of the fairy tales I’ve always heard so I thought I’d give it a shot!

Stand-alone to date

I’ve seen this on several blogs and it sounded really good!  I just finished it and loved it!  Review to come!

The Princesses of Westfalin Trilogy #3

This is the last book in this series!  I already read it and it was pretty good – review to come!

Stand-alone to date

I’ve already read this as well and it was fabulous!  I saw some people around the blogosphere and some friends reading it last year so I thought I’d give it a go!

Altered #1

Again, I’ve seen this book everywhere it looks pretty interesting!

This Is What Happy Looks Like #1

I couldn’t resist reading this as soon as I got home from the library (it’s Jennifer E. Smith people!!) and it was such a good book!  I can’t wait to read the second book!

Flea Market:

Stand-alone to date

I’ve already read this (quite a while back) but I really wanted my own copy so I could read it whenever I wanted but I didn’t think I really needed to pay for a new one.  So it was perfect when I found it at the flea market!

His Dark Materials #3

I watched the Golden Compass movie (the first book in this series) about a year ago and it was an interesting story so when I saw this book there (a hardcover in good condition!) I had to have it!  I’ll be reading this series soon!

A Week In Review:

The Updates:
Okay so it may not look like I’m getting anywhere on my BABB challenge to review all my book that are on my currently reading shelf but I am succeeding!  For the next couple weeks, it’ll be basically all reviews so bear with me while I get it all up!

What did you stack your shelves with this week?  I hope you all have a lovely week!

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  1. What a great haul! I adored A Monster Calls, and my brother actually has to read it for class this year. I hope you enjoy all the books you picked up!


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