BookBlogWriMo 2015: Day 4: Why Do You Read?

Today’s Topic is: Why Do You Read?

Well this will be a relatively short answer but I’ll see if I can lengthen it a bit!

I read mostly because it allows to me escape my life for a bit and visit other places that may or may not exist.  When I read, I become so engrossed that everything in the book feels real to me (well, in good books).  Have you ever had those bad days where you come home and all you really want to do is sleep but you still have a ton of work to get done?  Whenever that happens to me, I just grab a book that I’ve been enjoying and read a couple chapters.  Then, I’m ready to take on anything!

Sort of connected with that is that I love learning new things.  Books can teach you so much if you’re just willing to give them a few hours of your time.  I love expanding my vocabulary, learning about new things, and gaining new perspectives.

I suppose one of the many upsides of being a bookworm is that you have a wonderful community of book lovers that are all so supportive and nice.  It’s like having an extended bookish family!

Why do you read?

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