BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 17: Your Review Process and System

Today’s Topic: Your Review Process and System

Ha, quick side-note here… I really have to update my Rating and Review System tab… I haven’t updated that actually since I’ve started this blog almost 2 years ago which is really terrible… Anyway!

I don’t really have a solid system in place for my reviews.  I suppose I’ll start with the star ratings.

1 star: I didn’t finish this book.  I had to DNF (and I don’t DNF lightly).  There was just so much that I found wrong with the book personally that I couldn’t force myself to read any more.

2 star: This was a slightly okay book.  There was a significant number of things that I didn’t like that outweighed what I did like although I did enjoy at least one aspect of the book.

3 star: This was a solid meh book.  There were an equal amount of things that I liked and that I didn’t like.

4 star: I would recommend this book to someone.  There were some things I didn’t like but what I liked vastly outweighed that.

5 star: Amazingly awesome book that struck a chord with me.  I loved it so so much and would definitely recommend it.

So let’s talk about the process.

First, I have to find the book that I’m going to read.  This will come from my TBR, blog posts, or recommendations from friends.  I’ll request the book from the library 99.99% of the time.

Then, when the book comes, I’ll put it on the stack!  I read books in the order that they come to me (although if one is due back in 2 weeks because it’s highly requested, I’ll read it right away).  It normally takes me 2 nights to read an average book, but I usually take up to a week for R&R books.  While I’m reading, I’ll be highlighting (only on ebooks) quotes I really like.  If it’s a print book, I won’t write any down and just look on Goodreads for quotes.  If there isn’t the one I want on Goodreads, I’ll go back and find it in the book for my review.

Next, I’ll put together my notes.  I keep a notebook and every time I finish a book, I’ll go to the next open space and write my shorthand of everything that I liked and didn’t like as well as significant plot points or characters I want to mention.  Normally, the notes take about half a page.

Finally, I write my review!  I’ve really been loving the list style lately – it really helps me to not forget things to mention.  I try to make my reviews about 4-6 paragraphs with The Final Verdict section at the end.  Then, if it’s an R&R book, I’ll post my review to all of the outlets and contact the author to let them know that the post is scheduled and my review is up!

What’s your review system?  Do we share anything?

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