BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 20: Book Pet Peeves

Today’s Topic: Book Pet Peeves

Things that bother me in a book?  No problemo!  Here are five of my largest pet peeves.

1.  Insta-love.  I realize this is probably on everyone’s list but it just annoys me so much when I’m reading a book and all of a sudden, in like an hour, a character has fallen deeply in love with someone.  One, this is entirely unrealistic.  And two, it trivializes love and what it means to love someone.  Personally, I really don’t like throwing around the word love to people.  If I don’t love you, I won’t tell you I do.

2.  Drawn-out love triangles (or squares or pentagons or whatever!).  Quite honestly, I don’t mind love triangles if they’re done right.  But I hate it when a love triangle is drawn out simply to add tension to the book when clearly we know who the character is going to choose.  It’s just terrible to keep reading a book when you know the other character doesn’t stand a chance.

3.  Being unable to picture a scene because it doesn’t make sense.  I really like being able to picture scenes in books so it’s like a movie in my mind.  So it really irks me when authors write confusing passages or don’t do any world-building so I can’t imagine the space where the characters are.  I’m a very visual person so I like to have everything set up before the characters are dropped in.

4.  Cookie-cutter worlds/storylines.  Maybe it’s just because I’ve read a ton of books but honestly it gets really annoying and boring real fast when every book has the same setting, the same world, or the same plot with different character names.  This especially bothers me in fantasy worlds because the author had the opportunity to make it their own and instead, they just went with something someone else already created.  And I’m fine with authors using pre-created worlds.  It’s just when they refuse to chance anything.  At least add a little something!  Anything!

5.  Contractions.  This is such a big thing for me.  Actually, I’m reading a book right now where contractions aren’t properly used.  People in the modern age don’t say things like:

“I will not go with you.”
“I do not understand you.”

No no.  Maybe in fantasy or historical worlds but not realistic fiction people (with the exception of the character’s personality).  It makes everything sound so stiff and formal and just prevents me from diving into the story.

What are some of your book pet peeves?

0 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 20: Book Pet Peeves”

  1. Agree with all your choices, especially number three. I'm all for good description over rushed action any day.My absolute NoNo is when authors can't be bothered to end their books properly. I don't mind some threads left open, but hate it when it feels as though the publisher forgot to print a final chapter. The current trend for hawking a minimum-trilogy series is probably to blame, but if the first book just stops at some random cliffhanger I find it incredibly unsatisfying and I am unlikely to trust the author through anymore volumes unless the writing was spectacularly good. Who's to say that book two won't abruptly end with no resolution either? Or book six! How many might I have to shell out on?! Stephanie Jane


  2. So you've never been torn between two love interests in a love triangle? I envy your decision making! I just can't make up my mind sometimes! I can agree with you on having other plot points though. I really don't like when the love triangle is the sole central focus. The Selection was only okay because it included other plot lines relating to the country. 😀


  3. Right?! It just annoys me so much when the author doesn't include much (if any) description of the setting.Ugh I hate that too! It's like they think cutting it off in the middle of a sequence creates suspense. And it does. But only sometimes if it's done right! Consistency is key :)Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Whoops, accidently published my comment when it wasn't done haha ^^I cannot stand instalove! *vomits* I mean, how can you fall in love with someone that quick? It's not possible, you don't even know the person. That's definitely not realistic and it's definitely not love, that's like infatuation. Love triangles I can't really stand either, unless it's Sarah J Maas writing them. 😛


  5. Haha it's all good :DRight?! It's just so annoying! Especially when they have some dramatic scene where one saves the other and they immediately have this love confession afterward like 4 hours after they first met! Ughhhhhh.Ahhh Throne of Glass… yes that was such a great love triangle (or square is it now? Except some of the players were taken out of the equation…)! And of course ACOTAR – I'm convinced Rhysand is a part of a love triangle there 😀


  6. I completely agree with you on this Laura! I really hate insta love with a burning passion. I just don't understand how two people are meant to be after a couple hours of interaction. Love triangles, squares, you name it are so infuriating when done wrong! I hate how it can be used as a plot device instead of a way to deepen a character and show more depth to them. I know a love triangle is good when even I am conflicted, because normally I stick to one ship and keep on sailing. My least favorite cookie cutter storyline I keep seeing is the classic \”girl doesn't think she's pretty but she's actually special and one of a kind and this bad boy introduced her to a world she's never seen before. Not only that, but she is the key answer to all the problems.\” Like, come on! This always happens in paranormal books and it makes me so frustrated! Great post Laura!Genni @ Ready, Set, Read!


  7. Right?! It doesn't make any realistic sense!I agree! Love as a conflict is all right if it actually tells the reader more about the character and how they think. Otherwise it's just a waste and a complete annoyance!Yes!! And she's the only one who can save 'their' world blah blah blah. Let's get some diversity here!


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