Award Tuesday: Versatile Blogger Award #1

So a year ago (don’t say a word…) Lauren @ Always Me nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Here are the rules:

1. Write seven facts about yourself.

2. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for the award.

3. Let nominees know you have tagged them.  (Don’t forget to thank and link back to your nominator.)

Here we go!

Seven Facts:
1.  I LOVE drinking water.  I’ll drink like 50 ounces a day.

2.  iisuperwomanii is one of my go-to YouTube channels when I need to think about something happy.  Also, BUZZFEED!

3.  My cat is my spirit animal.  Seriously.

4.  I can’t sit down and concentrate on work on my computer unless I have something to eat and/or drink.  Right now, that’s popcorn, dark chocolate, and several water glasses.

5.  I can’t stand writing in colorful ink colors.  Black ink is life.

6.  Felt tip pens over pencils any day.

7.  I love having Christmas lights up in my bedroom year round and I’ll turn them on when I go to bed so it looks all cool and colorful in my room at night.

I’ve decided not to nominate anyone simply because I’ve seen this award literally everywhere and I don’t want to be super repetitive (contrary to popular belief, I don’t follow a million blogs.  I follow around 40 so I end up nominating the same people over and over again).  I’ll nominate people in some of the following award posts though!

0 thoughts on “Award Tuesday: Versatile Blogger Award #1”

  1. I drink lots od water throughout the day too these days + coconut water, which I've recently become addicted in the past couple of months.Pets are amazing creatures!! Our dogs are our spirit animals too. 🙂


  2. Hey! I'm one of those obnoxious colored ink lovers! 😉 I used to keep a diary in which I would switch ink colors every time I wrote something new. Some of the passages are quite colorful (derive from that what you will).My cat is not my spirit animal- he's too annoying- however, he brings in more pageviews for my blog than either of my dogs have. He's kind of a celebrity.~Litha Nelle


  3. Haha I could have guessed, Litha! All the props go to you! It sounds so cool but then when I do it, I just can't stand to read it again.Haha your pets are so adorable! I love seeing all of the pictures you post of them!


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