Movie Round Up: Mini Reviews Galore!

So recently, I was going through my notebook of review notes and came across a lot of movies I had written down that I had seen but I didn’t write down all that many notes about them!  I still have thoughts, though, so I thought I’d do a little Round Up post and collect all those mini reviews.  I have so many that I’ll probably end up doing a part 2 a bit later with more reviews.

Rated: PG
Released: 3/13/15
Rating: 4
I was really excited to see this movie purely because that dress looks GORGEOUS.  So when I watched the movie, I was so happy that all of the costumes were just as gorgeous!  It had a very polished, fairytale vibe going which totally fits the story.  They did add in some modern touches which I loved!  They really modernized the story and brought it up date with our current society.  It also really felt like Maleficent with the whole humanizing the villain thing.  While some scenes just didn’t feel right (ie: the pumpkin growing weirdly and shattering the greenhouse but the human beings miraculously survived being squashed), for the most part I loved every minute.  The Cinderella swirl with her blue dress and the ending (the shoe fitting especially) was just ADORABLE!  

Rated: PG
Released: 5/22/15
Rating: 4

This was… a… good movie.  I wouldn’t say it was great but I would definitely watch it again!  It’s one of those movies that are made to reflect the current state of society and it had a clear theme of hope and innovation which was clearly geared towards today’s youth to combat the ever-present corporation metropolis’ that dominate our society.  So in that respect, it was a very good movie.  Was it creative?  Yes although it very much drew on dreams we’ve all had.  The technology and special effects were on point and I did love the story line.  It never felt too weird, too rushed, too slow, or too ridiculous.

Rated: PG
Released: 3/27/15
Rating: 3.5
This is a very cute movie.  When I watched the trailer, I was really excited for a cutesy, funny, slightly happy movie that could break up the slew of rather depressing movies I had seen lately (American Sniper, Eye In The Sky, etc.) and this movie delivered.  There were some political undertones which made it a little more meaningful (it’s one of those things animated movies put in so that adults gain something from the movie too – case in point: all Disney movies).  Everything was really predictable (I knew the ending right away after seeing the beginning) but for a kid’s movie, that isn’t unexpected.

Rated: PG-13
Released: 7/17/15
Rating: 3

This is probably my least favorite movie in the Marvel Universe that I’ve seen so far.  It was just meh to me.  It seemed to rely more on the humor and references to the other Marvel superheroes without building up the Ant-Man story.  Because of that filler, I felt like I didn’t really get to know the Ant-Man and what he stood for, where he came from, and what he wants to accomplish.  The villain was a little blurry for me in this movie but I have to say, the characters were really funny.  Humor is something Ant-Man has going for it!  I am excited to see the second one that will feature The Wasp as well as Ant-Man that’s coming out around 2018.

That brings this round up to a close!  Have you seen any of these movies?  What did you think of them?

0 thoughts on “Movie Round Up: Mini Reviews Galore!”

  1. I've watched two of the four. I liked Cinderella and liked the costumes and the setting and everything, but only found it to be okay. It was simply the story I already knew inside out and for some reason I just expected a bit… more? I also agree with you on Antman. It was good, but sometimes I felt the humor was forced and it didn't capture me nearly as much as my favourite Marvel movies usually do. Oh, and I want to watch Home and Tomorrowland myself in the future!


  2. Of all of these, I think I was most surprised by how much I liked the live action Cinderella movie! I totally didn't realize until about half way through that Robb Stark played Prince Kit. 😀


  3. The costumes and set design were GORGEOUS! Yeah, I agree with you there. It followed the fairytale and didn't put any new twists on it other than a couple of modern phrases.For sure! It was good… it just wasn't as good as the other Marvel movies.I hope you enjoy them!


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