30 Days of Books: Day 22 – Your Favorite Book You Own

Because this is me catching up, (see yesterday’s post)  I don’t believe Jenni has a linky up for this anymore.  However, if you’d like to join in, or get more information, visit Jenni’s blog HERE.
Today’s topic: your favorite book you own.

Why is this question a thing??  My philosophy for owning books is that I only buy them if I really want to read them and they aren’t available at libraries or if I absolutely loved them and I’d want to read them again and again.  Therefore, a vast majority of the books I own, I love with all my heart!  So, here are a bunch of books that I love owning (in hardcover format):
Throne of Glass #0.5
Throne of Glass #2
Throne of Glass #3
Throne of Glass #4
Throne of Glass #5
I still have to buy a hardcover copy of Throne of Glass but I do have the ebook version which I love!
The Young Elites #1
Graceling Realm #2
I know, I know, that’s way more than one.  And there are still some I want to put!  They all just look so lovely on my shelves and they feel like old friends to me.
What are your favorite books that you own?  Do we share any?

0 thoughts on “30 Days of Books: Day 22 – Your Favorite Book You Own”

  1. You haven't read it yet? It's beautiful! Done let the hype get to you, though. Whenever I did, it always ruined the book for me. I look forward to hearing your opinion! I do as well! She's such a strong person (and to think she's our age!) and she's already done so much. Thanks for stopping by, Ruz!


  2. Yes! No, I actually ordered it Last Wednesday, I believe, but there was a copy nearby, apparently, because it was delivered on Friday! I'm so excited to start reading it! I really need to get a review up for Queen of Shadows before I do though… It's killing me not to read it right away! I hope yours arrives soon!


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