YA Awards Hosted by The Owlery!

The lovely and amazing Zizzy and Lisa @ The Owlery are hosting YA awards this year!
You may ask,  what are these YA awards?  Well, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Goodreads Awards (whose winner were just announced, btw) and this is pretty similar.  You can nominate your favorite books of the year and the judges will read and judge the top three books in each category and then, in a live show (on YouTube), the winners will be announced!

To vote for your favorite books, all you have to do is go to this form and fill in your votes!
Voting ends on December 31st.
Only nominate books that have been published between January 1st and December 31st of 2016!
There are 8 total sections with four judges for each section:
Science Fiction/Dystopia
Graphic Novel
So after all of the voting takes place, the top 3 books will be announced on The Owlery’s channel!
This video explains all of the dates!
There will be a live show after voting is over to showcase all of the books that won!
To make this even better, there are giveaways!  There are 10 in total, one for each section (fantasy, retelling, etc = 8, and two for any book that won) and you can enter to win the book that wins in the polls and judging!  To enter, visit this page.
If you’d like more information about any of it, go ahead and visit The Owlery HERE!  For updates, follow on Twitter and/or Goodreads!

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