R&R Book Review: Shared Skies by Josephine O’Brien

  Goodreads Blurb:
Eighteen-year-old Gaiah’s hair grows to her waist every night. She can influence people with her thoughts. She understands none of it.

Gaiah has gotten used to the fact that she has the ability to, occasionally, (maybe) make people do what she wants. However, trying to hide the fact that her hair grows beyond her waist every night is driving her crazy, and her frustration is released on a gang of bullies in school, with repercussions she could never have imagined.

She is forced to confront and deal with worlds she never knew existed.

A trinity of parallel worlds, of which Earth is one.

An unusual blend of real facts, seen in a different light. Are vitrified rocks in ancient forts really the result of other world weapons? What is actually behind the extraordinary events that allows fish to fall from the sky in desert regions, what has it all got to do with Gaiah, and is there more to the gorgeous Graeme than meets the eye?”

Thank you so much Josephine O’Brien (the author) for gifting me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
I really like the idea of this book and especially how the title ties into it so perfectly.  I’ve read so many dystopian and alien books but none about the possible parallel universes.  The way that idea was addressed in this book had me interested right away.  I’m really glad this is only book one because I would have loved to have a bit more information on the two other worlds.

That was my main problem with this book – everything seemed a bit rushed.  I didn’t understand why until I looked at the page count and thought “wow that’s why that went by so fast!”.  Ms. O’Brien could definitely have lengthened the second part of the novel where Gaiah is discovering who she is and the whole soulmate thing.  That in particular actually… I didn’t like how it took only about 20-30ish pages for them to totally accept that they are soulmates and they’re going to be together forever and all that jazz.

Other than the time thing, I absolutely loved it!  All the characters were well done for the first book.  Gaiah especially has potential.  I especially loved how Ms. O’Brien made the connections to history to tie in the parallel worlds.

The Final Verdict:
An amazing parallel worlds concept with good characters and amazing connections to real world history.  However, it would have been better if the second part of the book was lengthened a bit.
3.5 stars!

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