R&R Book Review: Elfineness by Tatyana K. Varenko

Goodreads Blurb:
Back to her own self and kingdom, 

Luella’s winning back her name 
Securing her reign and freedom 
With Derek, her re-found flame. 

When things are looking up like never 
And happiness is at her door, 
The Elders want her, however, 
Engaged in the impending war. 

Can she refuse without facing 
The consequences it may bring? 
Will she be capable of tracing 
The missing links she needs to win? 

And this is all on the background 
Of nanobots beyond control 
Destroying down to the ground 
The human race condemned to fall.”

Thank you to the author, Tatyana K. Varenko, for gifting me with a copy of Elfineness in exchange for an honest review!

This is the first book I’ve ever read that’s written in verse.  I have to say I’ve developed a healthy respect for all authors that choose to write in verse.  It is truly an accomplishment to be able to tell a story with such a limited choice of words.  All the lines have to flow together.

Sometimes I got a bit confused about the plot because I believe there was once a flashback within a flashback.  However, once you get about halfway through, everything starts to make sense (at least to me).  I really liked the fantasy feel of this book.  I’ve always loved any book that involves fantasy and oldish speak.  There were some instances where the author chose to use modern language in the mix with the old stuff which didn’t work.  Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t.

The part where Derek dies or is trapped in the dagger or whatever happens to him was sort of glossed over and wasn’t made a big deal.  The aftermath, yes, but in that moment when he disappeared, nothing.

I loved how Luella’s character developed and grew so much throughout this book.  You learn so much about her and her values and way of thinking which I really connected with.

Final Verdict:
This book is quite an accomplishment to be able to write the whole thing in verse.  Sometimes, the plot got a bit confusing and I would have liked a bit more explanation about the world in general.  The fantasy feel was fantastic and Luella’s character grew so much – amazing!
3.5 stars

“Banal or not, looks are deceiving,
And all that glitters is not gold –
And yet, we cannot help believing
What meets the eye – it’s uncontrolled.”

“Don’t be afraid of caterpillars –
They are reborn as butterflies.
Transformed by love are saints and killers.
The truth is sometimes worse than lies.” 

“Life’s just a sacrifice, a ransom
We pay to Death for Love to save,
Which turns to be as great as handsome
To get a blessing from the grave.”

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