R&R Book Review: Reconciled People by Michael La Ronn

Goodreads Blurb:
Life is full of challenges, and how we react to them determines who we really are. In these short stories, different people face unique challenges that are not always what they seem.

A Native American ignores his culture, and his ancestors inflict a hallucination upon him.

Two deer hunters find themselves scrambling after a hunting accident goes terribly wrong. 

A woman looking for love on the internet goes on the craziest date of her life. 

A father tries desperately to improve his spiritual relationship with his teenage son on the Las Vegas Strip–when someone unexpected shows up.

These, and many more. Will they reconcile their fears (and weaknesses) and rise to meet life’s challenges?”

Thank you so much to the author, Michael La Ronn, for gifting me with this book in exchange for an honest review!

I read this book in one day it was that good.  Honestly, it might be one of my favorites!  Each individual story has no connection to the others but they were all wonderful on their own.  I especially enjoyed The Lovegram, Staff Meeting, Just Another Love Story, and A Change of Mind.  They were all wonderfully written with just the right amount of detail.  They were also so real and had me enraptured from the get-go.

There were also amazing fantasy aspects that touched on the imaginative side of the human mind.

The flow of these stories was very good as well.  Sometimes, I felt as if a certain story was cut short and the switch was a bit abrupt but most of the time, it flowed very easily from one story to the next.

Final Verdict:
A very well written collection of stories that truly was a page-turner.  There were amazing fantasy aspects as well and the flow was very good except for a few isolated instances.
4.5 stars

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