Book Review Friday: The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

Goodreads Blurb:
Prentisstown isn’t like other towns. Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in an overwhelming, never-ending stream of Noise. Just a month away from the birthday that will make him a man, Todd and his dog, Manchee — whose thoughts Todd can hear too, whether he wants to or not — stumble upon an area of complete silence. They find that in a town where privacy is impossible, something terrible has been hidden — a secret so awful that Todd and Manchee must run for their lives.

But how do you escape when your pursuers can hear your every thought?”

This book was recommended to me by so many people and I’ve hear such good things about the series and I really can see where they’re coming from.  I think I just didn’t connect with Mr. Ness’ writing style.

I really did like how the author incorporated so many symbols into the book (the knife for example).  I feel like that’s what separates this book from the average YA dystopian book.  There really wasn’t enough world-building for me but maybe that will come in the next few books.

The characters… I’m still thinking that over.  I liked them but I also hated them at the same time… does that even make any sense??  A prime example would be Aaron.  I was equally drawn to him because of what he represented (and no I won’t tell you so you can figure it out for yourself!) and repulsed by him because he was so dedicated to his grotesque way of life.  So they were excellent characters… just… different I guess.  Definitely complex!

I did really like the ending.  It took me by complete surprise but sort of made sense.  I would have liked a bit more explanation on that whole topic but maybe that’ll come in the next book.  The last sentence was so good!

The Final Verdict:
The main way I would describe this book is a modern classic.  It has all the symbolism and meaning that the classics do but in a modern form.  It didn’t really strike a chord with me (hence the 3.5 star rating) but it was very well written and had some amazing messages and meanings.
3.5 stars

“We are the choices we make.” 

“Without a filter, a man is just chaos walking.”

“Hope may be the thing that pulls you forward, may be the thing that keeps you going, but that it’s dangerous, that it’s painful and risky, that it’s making a dare in the world and when has the world ever let us win a dare?” 

“War is like a monster,” he says, almost to himself. “War is the devil. It starts and it consumes and it grows and grows and grows.” He’s looking at me now. “And otherwise normal men become monsters, too.” 

“Life equals running and when we stop running maybe that’s how we’ll know life is finally finished.” 

“But a knife ain’t just a thing, is it? It’s a choice, it’s something you do. A knife says yes or no, cut or not, die or don’t. A knife takes a decision out of your hand and puts it in the world and it never goes back again. ” 

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