Explanation Time

Yes, it’s time for some explanations!

I’ve been MIA for a while now with only the occasional post when I’m supposed to be posting everyday!  It’s a perfectly attainable goal but in light of recent events I’m unable to keep up.  So what happened Laura??

You know you’re going crazy when you refer to yourself in the third person…

It all started two weeks ago when I got sick.  I caught a stupid bug that had me bedridden for a week and a half.  I couldn’t concentrate at all which meant no schoolwork and no blog 😦  I got so behind in school (I seriously don’t recommend missing a week of school people) and I’ve been scrambling this week to pick up the slack.  Plus, it’s the week before winter break and all my teachers are having us take tests and everything before we go on break and forget everything.  When I’m writing 2-3 essays a night and studying for at least one test the next day, there’s no time for any blog writing!

Never fear!  Tomorrow is the last day of school and after that, I’ll have a little more time to write posts (although I still need to go Christmas shopping… and decorate…) and such.  I will get back on track!  While I was sick, I managed to read 9 new books (hey, I was sitting in bed all day, of course I’m going to read!).  However, I didn’t write any notes!  Sometimes I get so mad at myself…  So lots more reviews will be coming but I may have to reread a couple books before I write my review.  And to all the authors waiting for my review of your book, please know that I AM reading them but I haven’t been able to write any reviews as of late.

Please forgive me??  I’ll give you cookies!

 And here’s an adorable kitty and duck!

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