Be a Better Blogger February Challenge: Blogging Schedule

Hey guys!  So I kind of missed January’s challenge in the Be a Better Blogger monthly challenges hosted by Book Bumblings but I’ll be doing the February one!

Never heard of this awesome thing?  Well it’s basically a year-long big challenge with monthly mini challenges.  You don’t have to participate every month but each month is spent on a different aspect of blogging so at the end of the year, you’re a better blogger!  This definitely appeals to me as a newbie!  If you’d like to find out more, click HERE.  It’ll take you to Brittany’s site Book Bumblings which is hosting the challenge specifically to this month’s challenge page.

My goal this month is to create a flexible but still structured blogging schedule that I can keep consistent throughout the whole year as well as any new elements to add to my schedule!  At the moment you guys know my schedule has been a little wacky with a little of everything thrown everywhere.  I want to fix that.  I am READY!

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