Bookish Discussions: Library or Buying Addictions

Today’s topic is Library or Buying Addictions!  You know you have those days when you walk into the library and sudddenly, you can’t stop yourself from checking out book after book that is on your TBR?  Or that has a pretty cover?  Or just because it looks awesome?  Yeah.  I had one of those days a couple weeks ago and I ended up having to use two grocery bags to bring all my books in the house.

It’s a bit of a problem.

Do you ever have that?

Or, when I log onto Amazon and I see all these wonderful Kindle books that are free and I just keep downloading and dowloading…

Because I mean, they’re all free so why not?

Except here comes the problem.  I don’t actually read all of them.  I actually have a list on my desktop of all the books I had checked out but I never actually read and had to return because they were due back.  So I have to check them out again to actually read them.

Why do we do that to ourselves?  What causes these book crazes?

It’s the same with buying sprees although I don’t have these nearly as often because it’s actual money your spending which could be spent on more productive things.  This just usually happens when someone gives me an Amazon or Barnes and Noble giftcard but then the amount isn’t enough to cover the books I want so I’ll just buy them anyway with my money.  Or on Black Friday or at thrift shops when everything is at a lower price so I just tell myself  ‘I’ll read these eventually but you have to buy them when they’re cheap’.  Or something like that.  There’s this thing called the Trash to Treasure sale that goes on in a town near where I live and my mom and I (sometimes my brother) try to go every year and they have shelves upon shelves of books (and other less important things ^.^)!  It’s the most beautiful you will see.  And they’re all in really good condition.  How could I resist??

To wrap this up, do you ever have these buying/borrowing/downloading sprees and addictions where you just can’t stop?  Do you eventually read all those books or is it just for the satisfaction of having a full ‘library’ shelf and seeing all those pretty books?

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  1. Yes! I buy a lot of books but unfortunately don't have the time to read them, and sometimes if I keep putting them aside for years I just lose interest and maybe won't even read it. The thing that annoys me in myself the most is that I have this series craze when I HAVE TO buy every book in the series even though I don't even enjoy it anymore. For example I loved Fallen but the second book, Torment was well exactly that, torment. Anyhow, I bought all the books in the series! I could have borrowed it from the library or whatever but no, I had to buy all of them. If I think about how I could have spent that money on other things I still get mad haha. Great post!


  2. My school library has a limit of 3 books which you can have taken out, which actually works for me because it means I reduce my tbr pile rather than just adding more and more on ahah *hands up* I admit to having a book buying problem, not so much kindle books or even in store when I take into consideration how much I have with me, but online. That's when the hauls happen :DMost recent post on Enchanted by YA:


  3. My school library has a limit of 4 books by the problem is I get my friend to take out Moore nooks for me so I'd ok end up with loads! I am also's addicted to pressing the request button on which means I end up with at 7 books I need to review at one. Also my local library has a limit of 8books and I have to walk past there every single day and I always have the urge to run in and grab books, that is why I never carry my library card!!Naomi @The Perks Of Being A Bookworm


  4. How come every library but mine have these limits?? That would actually be so helpful! Haha exactly why I haven't ventured onto Netgalley… I would have a serious problem if I did… Haha that's the way! That's such a simple solution… same with like passing chocolate shops on the street – I just won't carry any money!


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