Discounted Books!

Hi everyone!  I was scanning through my email and discovered more book deals that looked interesting!  I’m still deciding how often a month I’ll post these kinds of posts and on what days but rest assured, more will be coming!

So I’m subscribed to BookBub which is a free site where you sign up and select your favorite genres of books and every day they send you an email with books in that genre/s that are discounted!  It’s a pretty sweet deal.  Here are some interesting books from the last couple of days!

Deal: $0.99 for kindle (Originally $3.99)
Ends: March 13th

Deal: $0.99 for kindle (originally $4.99)
Ends: March 8th (today!)

Deal: Free for kindle (originally $2.99)
Ends: March 11th

Deal: $1.99 for kindle (originally $19.99)
Ends: March 14th

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