R&R Review Sunday: The Drifter by Jason P. Crawford

Goodreads Blurb:
The drifter is a man out of time. Plagued by visions of historic events he never could have witnessed, he struggles to understand the strange abilities that seem so natural.

Then Death comes for him. With no choice but to run, he must find allies who can protect him until he learns why he is being pursued.

The keystone of a terrible plan. A society of demigods buried in the rolls of history. Deadly schemes older than man.

Welcome to the world of The Essentials”

Thank you to the author, Jason P. Crawford, for gifting me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

I think for me this book lacked a bit of clarity.  The premise is entirely interesting and so is the book itself… but everything seemed a bit muddy.  Like I was looking through that wavy, old-fashioned glass and could only make out figures.

The story was very intriguing and certainly kept me entertained.  The one thing I would suggest to help the whole clarity is to provide a more complete explanation of Essentials and what exactly they are and what they can do.  That’s what was bothering me throughout this entire book.

The characters were superb.  I loved how they each had their quirks and different things they could do.  The beginning chapters hooked me completely and I simply had to keep reading until I finished.  The drifter (AKA Oreth) undergoes a sort of amnesia and we don’t find out why until the very end.  That in itself kept me interesting because why would someone want themselves to forget?  What is so terrible?  The reason wasn’t anything I was expecting.

I really liked the whole Death thing and how they were talking about forcing something to be mortal so it can die.  It was so interesting to think out how true that is.  This whole book just made me think which is a whole lot better than those books that you just mindlessly read and then forget immediately.  I think I’ll remember this book for a long time.  It wasn’t just about the drifter and his problems.  It was about history too and the way Mr Crawford integrated the Essentials into history was fabulous.

The Final Verdict:
A very interesting concept and characters although it did feel a bit unclear and muddy if you will.
3.5 stars

Mr. Crawford was so kind as to do an interview with me.  You can read that interview HERE.  I put it with the other book he gifted to me – Chain’s of Prophecy.

Honestly, I can’t believe I forgot to mark quotes for this book… I guess that’s what I get for reading it all so quickly…  I’ll get them up ASAP!

0 thoughts on “R&R Review Sunday: The Drifter by Jason P. Crawford”

  1. This book sounds really interesting! I love books where the characters are well developed and this book seems like one 🙂 I get what you mean about not enjoying it as much as you could've because of the lack of clarity. When I'm confused about something in a book, I usually tend to enjoy it a little less than I normally would've. Great review, Laura!Maisha @ Books Equal Awesomeness


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