R&R Review Monday: Envious by Katie Keller-Nieman

Goodreads Blurb:
Is friendship worth protecting when your best friend is with your soul mate? 

I am not like everyone else. I have dreams, visions of past lives, that haunt even my waking hours. My past lives are filled with danger, deceit, and fleeting moments of love. And they are beginning to rule every moment of my present one. Since meeting Eric, they have only grown stronger. They are telling me something I cannot ignore: that he and I belong together. 

I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t help believing these visions are real. There must be a reason for them. But what does it mean when they show me horrible things? What does it mean when they tell me not to trust my best friend? 

I may not have much, not the greatest family or many friends, but I do have a best friend whom everyone adores. Aurora is kind, pretty, and popular, and we have been inseparable since childhood. Since she began dating Eric, though, things have changed between us. Aurora doesn’t deserve Eric, or my friendship. 

But what if I’m wrong? What if I’m crazy? Is believing the impossible a sign that I am losing my mind, or could ignoring these visions be dangerous?”


Thank you to the author, Katie Keller-Nieman, for gifting me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

Reading this book… it was like slowly watching someone go insane.  At the beginning, the main character, Sandy, was, for the most part, sane.  Her previous lives were getting to her through and her emotions were VERY extreme.  Like very extreme.  I was almost uncomfortable reading and living her emotions because they were that crazy.  And taking into account all her dreams that she believes are past lives, I can imagine the stress.  The author did a very good job of portraying her accurately.

The concept of past lives was also fascinating.  In school, we just finished studying Hinduism so it was interesting to see reincarnation in a book.  It’s never confirmed in the book whether or not it’s true that she did live past lives but that was actually a nice change.

I don’t know… this book was just so different.  The insanity part keeps tugging at my mind while I’m writing this and won’t let me go.  I’ve always wondered what it’s like inside the mind of an insane person.  This book gave me quite the glimpse.

As for the main character’s best friend… well.  I mean, how were they even lifelong friends?  Aurora was clearly controlling her every move and Sandy realized it but didn’t really do anything about it other than get upset and start going crazy.  I guess it goes to show how completely insanity can take over your life.  Her mind just couldn’t handle the stress.

Which leads me to the ending!  HOW CAN YOU LEAVE IT LIKE THAT?  Like WHAT THE HECK?  The ending accomplished what it set out to – I cannot stop thinking about what happens to her.  If you’re reading this book and considering quitting, just read until the end…  it’s crazy.

The Final Verdict:
This book is so perplexing and consuming!  Sandy’s story fascinates me and I honestly can’t stop thinking about it.  Sometimes she did get on my nerves and I had to set down the book for a few hours.  The flow between the chapters also caught me off guard.

4 stars

“‘Sandy, when are you going to grow up? You’re eighteen years old.'”

“‘You’ve made that brutally obvious these past few weeks. You’re not perfect. No one expects you to be. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a good person anyway.'”

“‘I don’t care if it’s normal!’ I yelled through dry tears. I spoke harshly, hoping my words would penetrate his thick skull, ‘I know it’s real.'”

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