Bookish Discussions: Reading at Night

Today’s topic is reading at night!  I’m sure many of us are in the habit of reading at night after work or school or whatever you had to do that day to relax before bed.  I’m also sure a lot of us have stayed up into the wee hours of the morning trying to finish a particularly intense and mysterious book!  Since I just did the Bedtime Book Tag on Tuesday, I’m continuing with the whole nighttime theme 😀

I’ve done this plenty of times – stayed up until 3am finishing a book I just started and found I couldn’t put down.  Whenever authors write books, it seems like they always write using cliffhanger chapters so whenever you say ‘just one more chapter’ it ends up being ten more because the end of each chapter ends with some crazy statement like ‘her eyes fluttered, then closed, never to open again’ or something crazy like that.  Can I just say how infuriating but also awesome that is?

I remember back when I was like 9 or 10, I used to read waaaay past my bedtime and I’d always turn off my reading light as soon as I heard my parents walking down the hall and then turn it back on when they had passed.  Because of course you’re never supposed to stay up past your bedtime!

Also, have you ever had that problem where you’re lying and bed and you just can’t find a comfortable reading position?  I’ve taken to just reading from my kindle in bed and saving the physical books for while I’m watching movies or during the day.  You’re arms just get so tired from holding up the book and then they start getting all tingly!  The struggle is real…

Do you have this problem?  Or have you figured out the perfect position so your arms don’t lose circulation?

Reading in bed is so relaxing though!  At least until you fall asleep halfway through a chapter and wake up the next morning with your light still on and the book on your face.

Have you ever fallen asleep reading a book?

I always have the problem of halfway falling asleep when I’m reading a book so I’m basically a zombie and I’m not processing anything I’m reading.  So I’ll shut off the light a little while later and realize I have no idea what happened in the book!

Unlike the picture above, I don’t think I’ve ever drank hot chocolate or anything and have cookies in bed while reading.  I have two cats and if I had any food by my bed, they’d be crawling all over me trying to lick it.  Trust me, you don’t want a cat licking your food!  Also, wouldn’t crumbs get all over the place and in your sheets and stuff?

Is that a problem for anyone?

So thanks for stopping by and let me know if any of this happens to you!

0 thoughts on “Bookish Discussions: Reading at Night”

  1. Yes, Yes and Yes! lol Night is pretty much the only time I have available to read, so I am always trying to get comfortable in bed with my book or Kindle (and in the winter there is the added challenge of getting the blanket wrapped perfectly around me while holding my book). I am also guilty of dozing off while reading, usually thats when I turn my light off and then when I pick the book back up the next night I have to go back a page or two to remember what I read before falling asleep.Great post!Emily @ Follow the Yellow Book Road


  2. Haha same! I didn't even think about the blanket problem but now that I am… blehh it's such a struggle! You have to still be able to move your arms but not have too much cold air coming in… Haha I should really start doing that because I'm always so confused when I pick up my book the next night and have absolutely no idea what's going on!


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