Bookish Discussions: Reading Challenges

This week’s topic is reading challenges.  I don’t mean the kind of challenges that you face when you are an avid reader but rather those things that challenge you to read as much of a certain book as possible (or more general challenges).  I’m sure these types of challenges benefit and motivate so many readers but I just can’t seem to get onto the wagon.

So there are a bunch of different challenges.  There are the kind that are a sort of checklist made of different types of books or things included in books like this one:

And then there are the ones like on Goodreads where it’s simply trying to read a certain amount of books within the year or month or whatever time restraint there is.

The latter kind of challenge is practically the only kind that I can actually complete and think about completing as you can see from my challenge update thingy on the sidebar (my goal this year is 150 books).  I also don’t count a book as read until I write a review for it and publish it on Goodreads.  Otherwise I’ll forget all about it!

With completing challenges comes the certain type of person that can stay focused on that challenge and not just see a book and say well why not?

Have you ever entered a challenge and not been able to complete it?

Back in January it was the season of declaring challenges and I sort of felt bad about not entered challenges fellow bloggers were putting on because I’ve never really been able to stick to a challenge.  Like ever.  I sign up for it and for the first couple of books (or days or whatever) I’m doing awesome and then I’ll look on the library’s website or actually go there in person or see a book on someone’s blog and just want to read it.  So I’ll get it and then I get totally off track with everything and the challenge fades away into the distance.  I don’t know if I just have a short attention span or if I just haven’t found the right challenge yet…

What are your favorite challenges?

Let me know what your opinions are on challenges and if you have the gift of being able to actually finish challenges!

0 thoughts on “Bookish Discussions: Reading Challenges”

  1. I've found that I like shorter challenges that only span a few months rather than year long ones, although I always participated in the Goodreads challenge, even long before I was blogging! I'm just like you though, I only feel like I can \”count\” a book if I write a review of it!


  2. That would make it so much easier to stay focused. I participated in the Goodreads challenge too way before I started blogging! It seemed like such an easy challenge to me: just read a whole lot of books! 😀 It just doesn't seem right to mark a book as read without putting you're reaction to it!


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