R&R Review Friday: Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Tabitha Vohn

Goodreads Blurb:
Cal Morrison is a Midwestern farmboy who was thrust into fame during the Old Hollywood era. Now, at eighty-five, he sees his life as wreckage. At the mere age of twenty-four, Eileen has seemingly little in common with Cal, except that she fell in love with him on screen. 

When Cal and Eileen meet by chance, she discovers that her feelings for him are not without merit, and he sees in her a chance for true love and, more importantly, for redemption. 

A controversial experiment offers the key to them both. With the help of a German scientist, Eileen will enter Cal’s memory and, together, the two will create an alternate reality within the realm of dreams. Replacing the memory of his first wife (his leading lady in his most controversial film, The Last Tomorrow), Eileen will step into the 1960’s and discover whether love can exist between her and Cal, and whether loving him unconditionally will be powerful enough to alter the course of his destructive future. 

But there is one thing that neither has fully considered: what happens once they wake? 

Tomorrow is a Long Time asks the question of how powerful one person’s influence can be in our lives, the lengths we go to for love, and whether it is worth it.”

Thank you to the author, Tabitha Vohn, for gifting me with a copy of this book, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, in exchange for an honest review!

This book was definitely a tear-jerker for me.  Especially the end!

I’ve never read a book where the two people who have that love connection are really far apart in age.  I know we’ve all read those books where one of the people is maybe 8ish years older than the other but this age difference is actually more like 35ish years.  It does bring up the argument that our souls are what make us human and what make us capable of loving therefore body chemistry has little to do with it.  Eileen and Cal’s love was just so different but I still immensely enjoyed reading about it.

Different is exactly the word I’d use to describe this book.  A good different I promise!  I really liked the concept of being able to essentially create a shared dreamscape for minds to live in.  I’ve never really thought about it before but it’s such a cool and different concept.

Ms. Vohn lived up to her skill in writing that I saw in another one of her books, Finding What Is.  It’s excellent writing that never made me bored!

The Final Verdict:
This book employs such a different concept that really makes you think and it also has such a different kind of love.  It was a such an emotional book to read!
5 stars

“Sometimes the peace of doing what is morally right does not leave the doer with a euphoric inner glow; sometimes it is miserable, to the point of breaking the heart.  It’s masochistic sabotage.”

“‘As long as you’re both breathing, it’s not over.'”

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