Tag Tuesday: Book Boyfriend Tag

I was tagged by Angelina and Jessica at My Crazy Reading Obsession back in February!  See, I AM getting caught up!  So basically, you just answer the questions!  I’ll be answering the original questions (not the ones that Jessica and Angelina answered.

1.  Most Romantic Boyfriend?
I’m going with Lincoln from the Embrace series!  He’s such a sweet heart to Violet and does all sorts of romantic things throughout the series (read it to find out more!) but he can also kick butt when needed.

2.  Dark and Moody Boyfriend with a Good Side?
This is Daemon from the Lux series!  He has such a snarky attitude and isn’t very nice to Katy at first but as you get to know him he’s actually kind of sweet!

3.  Paranormal Boyfriend?
Aiden from the Covenant series!  He counts as paranormal right?  Well anyway, he’s so sweet but like Lincoln, he has some major skills.

4.  Boyfriend You Want To Tame?
I have two for this one.  Either Warner from the Shatter Me series or Kaiden from the Sweet Evil series!

5.  Boy You Friend-Zoned?
I feel like everyone puts Simon from The Mortal Instruments series but he’s the ultimate example!  It all turned out okay in the end though 😀

6.  Your Soul Mate?
Is it terrible that I don’t have an answer to this one?  I mean I see the good in all of them but I guess I wouldn’t know unless I met met them you know?  So sorry, I have no idea….

7.  Boyfriend You Want To Elope With?
Hmmmmm if anyone I’d have to say Four (Tobias) from the Divergent series.  If I’d elope with anyone (which is highly unlikely) he’d be the guy!

8.  Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With?
Captain Carswell Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles!  He’s funny, he’s a spaceship captain, he’s handsome, he’s sweet, what more could a girl ask for?

9.  Boyfriend You’d Want To Be Stranded On A Desert Island With?
Leo from The Heroes of Olympus series!  He’s such a funny person and with that magic tool belt, we’d be set!

10.  Most Butt-Kicking Boyfriend?
Chaol Westfall from the Throne of Glass series!!  He’s pretty on par with Celaena which is saying something (he’s still got a ways to go yet though!)!  He’s such an awesome character and I’m Team Chaol all the way!

So there you are!  If you’d like to do this tag, it’s an open tag so go right ahead!  This is such a fun tag!

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