Movie Review Monday: Insurgent

IMDB Blurb:
Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side.”

Confession time: I haven’t read the book in like… a year maybe?  So this might not really be an accurate judge of book vs. movie… but moving on!

By itself, I thought this was a really well done movie.  The plot was much more exciting and action packed although there is the trade off of a little less romance.  The special effects were especially on point.

They did change a bit in the transition between book and movie although I think it was mostly just to streamline the plot.  It does make me wonder if they’ll change the ending of Allegiant though just to please the audience…?

The cast was also very well done and I thought pretty much all of the characters were played very well.  I say mostly because I do think that Naomi Watts looked a bit too young for her part (she played Tobias’ mother, Evelyn).  Ansel Elgort did a fabulous job of portraying Caleb and he and Shailene (after starring in The Fault In Our Stars together) did a wonderful job adapting to new character dynamics.

The Final Verdict:
This was definitely a very well done movie and if I’d seen it without reading the book, I’d be completely wowed.  As it stands, I do wish they hadn’t missed some of the key details in the book although I recognize why they had to skip them.  I do like the movie much more than the book because the book suffered from typical middle book syndrome meaning that it’s just the filler (totally my opinion).  The casting was marvelous for the most part and the special effects blew my mind.
4 stars

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  1. I felt really similar to you! I also haven't read the book in quite a while, but I really enjoyed the movie. I loved Octavia Spencer as the leader of Amity, and I agree that Tobias' mom looked really young! Also, I couldn't remember but did that ending between Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts happen in the book?


  2. I really enjoyed this movie. I wasn't too crazy about Divergent or Four but it all came together for me in this movie. It was worth watching!


  3. I agree! I actually liked the movie more than the book too. The movie was more action packed while the book was really slow. I wish they had chosen an older looking actress for Tobias' mother…I mean she looked younger than him lol. I'm excited for Allegiant! I'm hoping they won't change the ending though because that's a big part of the book and it shows a lot of meaning.


  4. Nice!! Ugh yes: typical middle-book syndrome. I know right! It was so weird! At first I thought she was his sister but then I thought back to the book… yeah THAT would have been a major change alright. Yes! I'm so torn because like you said, the end of Allegiant is so meaningful and while it's sad, it's so different and realistic and so true to all the characters. On the other hand… well, you know!


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