Review Friday: A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies

Goodreads Blurb:
On the night of Skye’s seventeenth birthday, she meets two enigmatic strangers. Complete opposites—like fire and ice—Asher is dark and wild, while Devin is fair and aloof. Their sudden appearance sends Skye’s life into a tailspin. She has no idea what they want, or why they seem to follow her every move—only that their presence coincides with a flurry of strange events. Soon she begins to doubt not just the identity of the two boys, but also the truth about her own past.

In the dead of a bitingly cold Colorado winter, Skye finds herself coming to terms with the impossible secret that threatens to shatter her world. Torn between Asher, who she can’t help falling for, and Devin, who she can’t stay away from, the consequences of Skye’s choice will reach further than the three of them could ever imagine.

A Beautiful Dark is the first book in a captivating trilogy by debut author Jocelyn Davies.”

I really, really liked this book.  It was the perfect depiction of the remarkable similarities between Order and Chaos and how deceptive the world can be all depending on perception.  Everything is subjectively good or evil.  It’s a really interesting concept to think about and this book did a good job of addressing it.

It was a little cliche with the whole 17 years old thing and the absent parents and the somehow ignorant caretaker…but I mean you can’t have everything right?

Asher and Devin really, really annoyed me.  They were really annoying at a certain point.  However they did get better as the book goes on (ending with CRAZY revelations).

Speaking of the ending, I LOVED it!  It was so crazy and you can finally see how all the puzzle pieces fit together and where the betrayal’s really are.  There’s darkness in both Chaos and Order.

I do wish we got to see more of the powers.  They were described and all but they seemed like a far away thing.  I felt like I was only connected to the story at certain parts and the rest were just ‘told’ you know?

The Final Verdict:
A very nicely done story about the yins and yangs of Chaos and Order and a girl caught in the middle.  The ending really brought together all of the little clues and mysteries that peppered the story although sometimes things got a bit cliche or annoying.  I can’t wait to read the next book!
4 stars

“You don’t have a heartbeat,” I realized. 
“Does that bother you?” He asked.
“No.” I thought for a minute. “As long as you can feel things and care about things.”
“It’s a misconception that you need a heart to love,” Asher whispered into my hair.”

“When you like someone, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to let them in. Love is messy.” 

“Then all of a sudden he’d taken two giant steps towards me, and before I knew it, had taken my face into his hands and the rest of me into the darkness of his wings and we were kissing each other in my little bedroom, in my little house, in my little town, while the mountains soared into the sky.” 

“No, I mean why are you here? You just happen to be at the same place I am? The girl who believes in coincidence always ends up dead, Devin.” 

“I…have been in that weird state between dreaming and waking, where dreams could be memories and the real world could be a dream.” 

“Love. The great destroyer of worlds.” 

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  1. I have had this in my reader for awhile. I will have to read it. \”Crazy revelations\” has me intrigued.


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