Music of the Month: October

Heyo!  I decided break up barrage of reviews today (although I’m not quite caught up so there are a couple more coming!) by posting some of my recent music favorites!  There are a couple of songs that I’m still loving from back in July (the last time I did one of these posts) but there are also some new songs!  I also joined Spotify this month (finally, I know!) so I’m a little more organized!  Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Sun Album by Thomas Bergersen

This entire album is just beautiful!  I always listen to it when I’m writing blog posts or doing homework.  It’s so full and epic!

2. Anything Tchaikovsky

This is also something I’ve recently been loving while doing homework or writing blog posts.  Really anything where I need background noise but I can’t be distracted by words.  Classical music has been my go to (except for Thomas Bergersen) with Tchaikovsky being at the top of the list!

3. Stand By You – Rachel Platten

I simply love this song so so much!  I loved Fight Song too and this is my new favorite of Rachel Platten’s!  It has such a good message and beat!

4.  18 Years – Daughtry

This is from Daughtry’s new album, Baptized, which I LOVE!  I found this song a while ago and I really connected with it.  I’ll be turning 18 in a short while and this song, in all of it’s epicness, exemplifies everything my life has stood for so far.

5.  Undefeated – Daughtry

This is also from Daughtry’s album, Baptized.  I really love the upbeat and driving message of this song!

6.  Odds Are – Barenaked Ladies

I just love this song’s message so much!  It’s all about how yes, you could die at any moment, but take that as an opportunity to go out into the world!

7.  Just A Dream – Carrie Underwood

This music video seriously made me cry the first time I watched it.  It’s such a sad song but it draws me in for some odd reason.

8.  What If – Five For Fighting

I’ve loved this song for so long and it just never gets old!  Five for Fighting in general is just amazing.

9.  The Call – Regina Spektor

This song is my favorite out of the entire Narnia soundtrack!  I can just picture the exact scene when it’s playing in the movie when it’s coming through my speakers 🙂

10.  I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – Peter Hollens and Sabrina Carpenter

I loved this song and then Peter did an acapella version of it with Sabrina Carpenter!  It’s just gorgeous.

11.  Hallelujah – Peter Hollens and Jackie Evancho

This is just such a beautiful song!  If you haven’t heard this song yet (any version), you’ve got to listen to it!  Those chords!

12.  She Used To Be Mine – Sara Barielles

I’ll close out with this song!  I found it just as October was ending and it’s such a haunting but true song.  Love!

So those are my highlight songs from October!  See any of your favorites?  Gain any new favorites?  I hope you all have a very musical month and happy reading!

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  1. Weird- I've been listening to Tchaikovsky while reading this month too! I think more people would enjoy classical music if they started by listening to his work- it reminds me of my childhood.~ Litha Nelle


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