BookBlogWriMo 2015: Day1: History of Your Blog/What Has Changed In The Past Year

Today’s topic is: History of Your Blog/What Has Changed In The Past Year!

I actually don’t have many major changes this year!  I meant to do a new blog design but that was pushed to the way side because of how busy I was this year.

I did get a new blog schedule this year: fewer posts in exchange for my sanity and prompt posting.  I have the material for posting every day but it was wearing me out!

I did clean up my sidebar a bit and added a lot of books to the review archive!  I’ve been thinking of a way to color code the archive to indicate my rating of a book but when I last tried it, it just made everything really hard to read.  Would that be helpful for you guys?  I would like it but not if it makes it harder to read.

In terms of the books, my TBR list has definitely grown a few hundred books!  I know I’ll never have time to read them all but a girl can dream!

Changes for the future include the new blog design I hope to have for next year (coming up on my 2nd blogoversary!) as well as an updated Welcome, Review and Rating System, and R&R Policy pages.  I haven’t updated those since I started up my blog a year and a half ago and I really think it’s time!

What about you guys?  How has the last year treated you?

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