An Update: Books, NaNoWriMo, BookBlogWriMo, and more!

Because I have no new books to report but I do have updates, I thought I’d do another update post!  In this edition, I’ve included updates on the review backlog/R&R books backlog, NaNoWriMo, and BookBlogWriMo!

So first up: the review/R&R book backlog.  I’m nearly done with writing all of the reviews that I had notes for but didn’t write up the full review yet.  There will be about a week more of those and then I’m home free!  It’ll end up that my R&R month will go into December (which is just as well because I’ll be posting less in December anyway being the holiday season and all – more about that below) because of all this backlog that’s taking longer than expected to clear up.  That and the fact that my life has just gotten infinitely more busy and although I’m trying to keep up the best that I can, there are some things that slip through the cracks.

Rest assured, I will have all of my R&R’s done by Christmas and will open up requests then.  Pinky swear!

Because I always am so so busy during December (getting gifts and visiting family and getting ready for the end of semester exams in school) I’m thinking it’ll be just an R&R month and the clearing up of any last backlog items.  So basically only necessary stuff (although I may have a holiday themed tag in the mix somewhere!).

Also, my movie reviews will be coming up soon!  I gave priority to books because my Goodreads challenge at the moment isn’t looking good.  That’s mostly because I’m not reading as many books as I’d like because I know I already have so many reviews to write.  Hopefully in these last two months of the year, I can remedy that!

NaNoWriMo!  I am getting off to a slow start because of the days when I’ve just been much to busy to even sit down and think about writing.  However, I just hit 7,076 words so I mean I’m not doing terribly!  I’m definitely going to get down as much as possible and keep going until I finish.  I’ve come to far to stop the story now!  I did a whole post on NaNoWriMo which you can see HERE.

Finally, BookBlogWriMo!  My first post for that will be going up on Sunday (which means I’ll be continuing into December) which is tomorrow already!

There’s definitely a lot of writing this month between getting caught up on reviews, NaNoWriMo, BookBlogWriMo, college essays, and a research paper for school but maybe it’ll be the month to improve my writing flow!

I hope you all are having a wonderful month of November so far!

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