BookBlogWriMo 2015: Day 10: #TenOnTheTenth (even when it isn’t the 10th…) – Top Ten Favorite Books

Today’s Topic is: Top Ten Favorite Books.

This is probably slightly inaccurate because this is like asking me to pick a favorite child!  These are all pulled from my favorites list on Goodreads (see it HERE) which only consists of the books I’ve posted a rating for so far.  So it doesn’t include any of the books I’ve read recently that I haven’t written a review for yet!  But here goes nothing (in no particular order of course!).

What are you favorite books?  Do we share any?

0 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo 2015: Day 10: #TenOnTheTenth (even when it isn’t the 10th…) – Top Ten Favorite Books”

  1. So many of your favorites are on my to-read list on goodreads! I remember you gushing about Queen of Someday earlier this year! I really need to get to it! A Court of Thornes and Roses… so good! I'm interested to see where the sequel takes the story! The Immortal Rules has been on my radar for quite a while! I haven't read a vampire book in quite some time, and those covers! Amazing! One of my favorite books that I've read on this list is Wonder! I read it a couple years back,and it stuck with me! Great list Laura! 🙂


  2. They're all so amazingly good! ACOTAR: I know right?! I'm really excited to see more of Rhysand!The Immortal Rules series is SO good! Both in the story line and the underlying problems of the human condition that it addresses.Yes! Wonder is amazing! I love rereading it every time I need a mood booster :)Thanks for stopping by!


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