BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 11: The Mind of a Book Blogger

Today’s Topic is: The Mind of a Book Blogger.

My mind is kind of strange and can jump really quickly from trivial things to really deep questions about the universe.  Here’s short overview of what I think about!

7 AM: ……………..  Do I have to get up right now?  I can sleep for at least 5 more minutes…………

7:05 AM: …………. huuuungry.  Breakfast is definitely a good idea right now.

Haha yeah so basically all morning until about 9 AM I’m really out of it but still try to be present so I can socialize and all.  I usually think about what I have to get done before school that day or what I need to do during school.  And also making sure I have all the right notebooks with me for the day.

After lunch rolls around, I start thinking about what I have to do at home that night and if I have anything going on.  Normally I only have stuff after school on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, and sometimes Friday’s although once in a blue moon there is something every day.

The last period of every other day of school is an ASR period which is basically a study hall where you can go to whatever room of the school you want to get whatever done.  Normally, I go to a computer lab or something and I start thinking about what posts I should start or if I should go through emails or spend my time doing homework.  I feel so much more productive at school so I try to get all my homework done before I leave school whenever possible.

At night is usually when all my weird thinking happens.  I’ll read an article or a blog post and start thinking about space, or the space-time continuum, or the benefits and risks of genetic engineering, or whether or not color exists at all, or if we exist at all, or if other dimensions exist, or if the string theory is true.  Weird, deep stuff.  I actually really like thinking about deep questions rather strange questions like if penguins have knees or not.  I’m more of a big picture kind of person and whenever that topic is brought up it just annoys me for some reason.  A lot of people say I don’t seem like a deep person but I guess there just aren’t many people in the world that can discuss deep things like that that I’ve met.  Or maybe it’s just people in my age grouping.  Anyway!

I feel like I got sort of off topic there…  I guess my point is, I don’t spend a lot of time (or really any time) brainstorming for my blog or for my writing or for anything.  I’m more of a ‘sit down and do it’ sort of person.  The best ideas for me come when I sit down to do something and they just come to me.  Or perhaps I’m just not consciously thinking about it… it’s all just stewing in my subconscious…  We’ll never know!

What do you think about?  Do you do a lot of brainstorming for different projects?

0 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 11: The Mind of a Book Blogger”

  1. Sometimes I'm a \”just sit down and do it\” girl myself, but most times, I need to write it out first! A blank piece of paper is less intimidating to me than a blank screen. I don't know why. lol This is an interesting topic. I can't wait to see how much fun the other posts will be!


  2. I agree with you there! A blank piece of paper is a lot more inviting than having a cursor blinking at you from an empty screen. Maybe it's because I feel like I can write anything on the sheet of paper and draw like character timelines or something whereas that takes a lot more work in a document on the computer. Thanks for stopping by! I really love BookBlogWriMo because of all the interesting topics I get to explore!


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