BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 13: #FiestyFriday – How Do You Approach Writing Negative Reviews?

Today’s Topic: How Do You Approach Writing Negative Reviews?

Yay another easy question!

As I said yesterday, I really don’t like writing negative reviews but I will if they are necessary.  I’m not one to sugar coat the truth although I will admit that I try to see the good in everything (which is why there are so few books that I rate under 3 stars).  I do have a strategy though!

Whenever I read a book, after I finish I put together a list of everything that I want to mention in my review and all the points I want to make.  If there are more bad things than good things, it ends up being a negative review.  However, I try to put at least one good thing about the book in my review.  The author spent so much of their life on this manuscript and the least I can do (in my opinion) is to be courteous and acknowledge that they did try to make it interesting.

Especially if something is an R&R book, I’ll be as courteous as possible.  If it is an R&R book, I’ll try to have a conversation with the author and let them know in more detail what exactly I think went wrong and what I think they could do to make it better for other people to enjoy.  It may be a simple fact of missing information where the author thinks something in their head but they don’t put it on paper and then the reader doesn’t pick up on it.

I also make sure to always note in negative reviews that it is entirely my opinion and that someone else might enjoy it.  I say that in positive reviews but I try to make it even more clear in negative reviews.  The aim of this blog isn’t to criticize everything with no feedback – it’s to help both authors and readers and to provide honest and productive feedback.

How do you approach negative reviews?

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