BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 23: e-Reader or Paper?

Today’s Topic: e-Reader or Paper?

I actually read both of these quite frequently because I like both of them!

If I have extra time at night (say half an hour or so), I’ll sit up in bed and read a print book from the library.  Or, if I’m watching a movie before bed that I’ve seen before, I’ll read a print book from the library.  Also, if I really love the cover of a book, I’ll order it in hardback form for my shelves and I’ll reread from that shelf.

I really love the feel of paper and that feeling of satisfaction you have after finishing a physical book.  You know what I’m talking about?

e-Readers on the other hand, are so nice for reading when I’m laying down in bed or carrying around with me during the day.  You know how your arms get so tired holding up a book in bed?  Well my Kindle solves that problem for me!  I just lay on my side and rest it against the bed/pillow by my head so there’s no lifting involved!  Look at me, getting out of exercise 😀

Like I mentioned as well, e-Readers are really nice for carrying around with me during my day.  They take up less space than an actual book and I’m not worried about the pages being bent or the cover being scratched or damaged in any way.

Which do you prefer?

0 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 23: e-Reader or Paper?”

  1. I don't know whether or not I prefer one over the other. Like you said, I love the physical feel of a book but ereaders are more versatile. Though I really love reading physical books, I notice that I finish books quicker when I read on my ereader or phone since they can be brought everywhere. For instance, I don't like bringing physical copies to school because I worry that something will happen to it, so I end up reading on my phone a lot more often.


  2. For sure! Damaging physical copies is so traumatizing! I'd rather keep them at home. It's also really nice to keep all of your R&R copies on your ereader or phone so that they're all in one place and as soon as you finish one, you can start another!Thanks for stopping by, Gennifer!


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