BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 24: #TopTenTuesday – Top Ten Blog Posts

Today’s Topic: Top Ten Blog Posts

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you my top ten most popular blog posts!  I’ll post the link and a sort of summary about what I talked about in that post!  Commence the count!

10.  Bookish Discussions: The Beauty of Bookstores
In this post, I talked about how pretty independent bookstores can be and how sad it is that so many are having to close because of lack of business.

9.  #BookBlogWriMo – #FlashbackFriday – Blog’s First Design
Haha this is a post from last year’s BookBlogWriMo when I talked about how I hadn’t changed my blog design yet (I still haven’t!).  It was a pretty short post!

8.  R&R Review Friday: Bonds of Fate by Jason P. Crawford
This was a review of Bonds of Fate by Jason Crawford.  I rated it 4 stars!

7.  Bookish Discussions: Fan (or author) Art and Character Inspirations
I talked about fan art and renderings of characters and how it can influence my vision of a book.

6.  Top Ten Tuesday (7)
This Top Ten Tuesday topic was Top Ten Favorite Authors of All Time.  I listed all of my favorite authors and notable books that they’ve written and published.

5.  Bookish Discussions: Unmanageable TBR Piles
In this discussion post, I talked about my crazy TBR pile, what contributed to it’s gigantic size, and why we put books on our TBR list!

4.  Bookish Discussions: Books and Their TV Show/Movie Counterparts
In this discussion post, I talked about books and how they relate to their TV show/movie counterparts as well as some of my most and least favorites!

3.  Giveaway and Book Review: The Guardian by Lydia Rodriguez-Clement
I posted this on Friday, September 26th, 2014.  I reviewed and hosted a giveaway for the book The Guardian by Lydia Rodriguez-Clement.  I rated the book 3.5 stars.

2.  Review and Giveaway: Who R U Really? by Margo Kelly
I posted this on Sunday, December 7th, 2014.  I reviewed Who R U Really? by Margo Kelly and rated it 5 stars.  I also posted a giveaway of a hardcover copy of the book!

1.  R&R Review and Interview Sunday: Chains of Prophecy by Jason P. Crawford
I posted this on Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 and I reviewed Chains of Prophecy by Jason P. Crawford!  He was also kind enough to do an interview with me so that’s in this post as well!  I rated the book 4.5 stars out of 5.

Tada!  What’s your most viewed blog post?

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