R&R Review Thursday: The Gift of the Quoxxel by Richard Titus

Stand-alone to date

Goodreads Blurb:
King Norr was not content. He longed to know the world beyond his tiny, island kingdom of Nibb. Nibbians, however, were not a seafaring people. Why travel elsewhere, they said. What could be as perfect as Nibb?

Even so, Norr wistfully watched foreign ships pass. Inevitably, they approached, hesitated, then sailed away. Why was that? 

And that wasn’t the only mystery.

There appeared to be a monster lurking in the bay.

Not only that but — 

— a prankster had set the palace afloat.

— a little girl arrived who sang, but would not speak.

— and possibly woolly drumbkins had devoured Doctor Hinkus.

Faced with these challenges, Norr had little hope to make it through the day without an abundance of “haddocks.” 

Additional features of this book include —
— illustrations and interactive glossary “

Thank you to the author, Richard Titus, for gifting me with a copy of The Gift of the Quoxxel in exchange for an honest review!

The best way I can describe this book is ridiculously, whimsically, absurd.  It is definitely the strangest book I’ve ever read but strange in a funny sort of way.  It was just an overall odd book.  Quite honestly, don’t expect to get good, solid answers for the whole question of ‘why won’t people visit Nibb?’ because you won’t get one.  The best way to read this book is with an open mind and a slightly imaginative mind.

Quite honestly, I whipped right through this book.  I loved the humor – it was entirely unique and hilarious.  I especially loved King Norr’s notes and memos.  Reading from his perspective makes you feel so light – like you could just jump and and do anything.  The rest of the characters are adorably peculiar.  They all have little quirks and things they’ll say that will make you laugh.

I also really liked the connection to the real and outside world through the pirates.  It’s a brilliant addition by the author that facilitates the mystery of Nibb.  Another thing that is equally wonderful is Pearl and her stories.  They’re simultaneously random and entirely relevant.  They have a very round-about way of relating back to the story that was so cool to figure out.

The Final Verdict:

I’ve never read a book like this one!  It is so light and funny and just ridiculous.  I reccomend you have a fluent and fluid imagination as you make your way through the island life of Nibb.
5 stars


“‘Make sense?’ Yill said.  ‘If you expect things to make sense, you must often be disappointed.'”

“‘Calamity on a biscuit!’ the king shouted.  With a last second jerk of the tiller, the boom swung wildly in a frantic maneuver to miss a threatening rock.”

“Norr scratched his head.  He had, in fact, received training since birth regarding the management of unforseen circumstances.  There were contingency plans for tsunami and wildfire, flood and famine, but nothing he could recall regarding the discovery of giant gems.

‘Hmm,’ Norr searched his pocket, withdrew a small book and commenced to flip its pages.
‘The Nibbian Manual of Protocol & Favorite Recipes,’ someone identified in a whisper.
‘Index . . . ,’ Norr began.  ‘Let’s see . . . unclaimed pumpkins, unclaimed pigs, unclaimed pearls . . . page 119 . . .’ The crowd leaned closer.
‘Right!’ the king declared slapping the manual shut.  ‘TO THE PALACE!’
‘TO THE PALACE!’ the crowd echoed.
With that, they hoisted the bulky bauble to their shoulders and made their way up the steep road towards the palace, a cheery ribbon of lights and torches, pomp and purpose with King Norr leading the way.”

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