BookBlogWriMo 2015 – Day 27: #FlashbackFriday – What Was Reading Like For You As A Kid? How Has That Changed?

Today’s Topic: What Was Reading Like For You As A Kid?  How Has That Changed?

Hmmmm… You know, I think there’s actually a bit of a difference between my childhood reading and my reading now.

First off, when I was little, I’d just reread the same books over and over and over and over and over again, only adding a new book when my parents would buy me one for my birthday or Christmas.  Now, I use the library so much and I only reread a book if I really liked it and bought a copy of it.  I didn’t really get books from the library when I was a kid and now it’s basically my sole source of books (except for R&R’s)!

Secondly, obviously, I’m reading different kinds of books.  When I was little, I was obsessed with books about everything animals.  Now, while I do enjoy reading books about animals, I also love fantasy, realistic fiction, YA, Adult, NA, and the whole spectrum of books that are available.  History didn’t interest me as a little kid but it does now and I really enjoy reading historical fiction and just history books in general.

One thing that hasn’t changed since my childhood is how many books I read.  When I was a child, I did have a little more time for reading (because, you know, what else do you do as a kid?) but I read roughly 100 books in 9 or 10 months like I do now.  Even though the books got longer, I somehow can keep up!  I was always a bookworm and in recent years, I’ve just changed the variety of books I read and their subsequent genres!

How has your reading changed since you were a child?

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