Release Day Review Tuesday: Hello, Forever by Krista Noorman

Cornerstone #1.5
Goodreads Blurb:
Maggie James spent years all-consumed by her wedding photography business, hiding out from love after a painful breakup. When fellow photographer and consummate rogue Simon Walker came into her life, she held him at arms length to protect her fragile heart from being broken again. But after discovering how he selflessly helped her business in a very big way and admitting her mistaken assumptions about him, she is finally ready to give him a chance. Will fear keep her from truly opening her heart to him? Or will secrets tear them apart?

From small town Michigan to the sunny shores of Malibu, California, Maggie and Simon must navigate their budding relationship, survive family drama, and come face to face with the past to see if their faith and ever growing love are enough to get them to forever.”

Thank you to the author, Krista Noorman, for gifting me with a copy of Hello, Forever in exchange for an honest review!
It’s release day for this book so right now, you can get your very own copy!
1.  The characters.  We already know these characters from the previous book, Goodbye, Magnolia, so I strongly recommend reading that book first before diving into this one.  With that being said, there isn’t much character building that needs to be done in this novella but I really appreciated the extra effort the author put in to really flesh out these characters and keep their humor and dialogue patterns consistent with the heart of the character.
2.  The plot.  This is an unapologetically romantic book focused pretty solely on the romance at hand.  I have to say, I didn’t mind the whole plot being centered around the romance because it was such a short and sweet novella.  Yes, the romance is structured around their lives and regular life problems pop up, but for the most part, the author kept it sweet and simple which makes for a stunningly cutesy novella.  The plot is also surprisingly addicted.  While I enjoy a good love story, if it goes on for a while, I tend to lose interest and investment in the characters.  However, the author kept the complications rolling and every scene is interesting and makes you want more.  I read this all in one shot and I don’t regret it one bit!
3.  The romance.  Going deeper into detail with the romance, I loved every minute.  The one thing that I love most about this author’s writing is how real everything is.  There are real life insecurities and real life problems/complications which makes everything so relatable which includes the romance.  This novella gives us a peek into the early days of Simon and Maggie’s relationship which is sort of glossed over in the other two books so I truly enjoyed reading about how Maggie and Simon’s relationship developed.
The Final Verdict:
Overall, a stunningly cutesy novella with strong ties to the reality of innocent romance in contemporary society.
5 stars

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