An Update: I Am Rising From the Dead

Yes!  I was, for all intents and purposes, 6 feet under.  The past month has been the definition of unremitting.  Let me tell you all about it and my plans to get back on track.

The month of June started off wonderfully.  I moved without a hitch and I was getting prepared to take care of my parent’s house and pets while they traveled for two and a half weeks.  I thought I was being so smart and industrious until they left and I had the work of three people to do.  I was working full time, taking care of my mom’s garden, mowing my dad’s lawn, cleaning the house, and taking care of my two cats.  Suffice to say that I fell a little behind in the blogging department.  I didn’t read a single word that wasn’t a road sign for those two and a half weeks.
Now, when they came back, my workload eased up considerably.  However, in that time, I somehow dug myself into a blogging and reading slump and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to write or read at all for another week.
Then, when I finally got myself jump-started with a reread of an old favorite (Fire by Kristin Cashore is wonderful btw), I went on a trip to a music festival with my family and we camped while we were there and didn’t have internet for a good week.  So there was reading, but no writing.
But now I’m back!  Most importantly, I’ve missed three 50/50 Friday’s (Carrie, if you read this, I’m sending a thousand apologies and pies to you for disappearing) which I’ll be publishing retroactively (they’ll show up under the day they should have been published).  I’ve also missed my May wrap-up which is slightly okay because I was planning on doing a first-half-of-the-year wrap up anyway which is only a week and half late right now so that’ll be coming asap.
Also, to all the author to whom I promised reviews in the month of May (and Olivia who manages the review chain I’m a part of and of which I’ve missed a review), I’ll get to them as soon as I can!  I’ve never really had a true blogging or reading slump so it’ll take me just a little bit to get back into everything.
Now, onto my mountain of an inbox and the 50/50 Friday’s!

0 thoughts on “An Update: I Am Rising From the Dead”

  1. Oh Laura! It's good to see you back! Well done for making it through the 2.5 weeks your parents were away! That's impressive. I'm sorry you didn't get to read though – AND THEN THE SLUMP! What's up with that universe? Oh – I need to read Fire! I read Graceling and was underwhelmed but I believe Fire is a goodie?Again,great to see you back and good luck catching up!


  2. Working at taking care of a house and pets is SO TIME CONSUMING. I am currently using the spare bits of energy I have after a day of work and chores to catch up on reading blogs and it's rough! However I am glad to hear that you are back!! 🙂


  3. Haha thanks!Right??? The universe is too cruel…Yes you do! Fire is actually my favorite out of the trilogy while Bittterblue and Graceling tie for second (I could never choose a last favorite).Ha yeah I'm going to need all the luck I can get! I am metaphysically buried in emails and physically buried in books.


  4. Right?? I was so confident I could handle everything but clearly that didn't work out very well. Of course, it helps to know that I'll never have a house so big that needs so much maintenance by myself (right now I basically live in a hotel room which requires significantly less work).


  5. Thanks, Carrie! Ugh yeah. Summer is supposed to be the time of relaxation away from school but I actually have more time to myself during the school year! Haha I am metaphysically sending you one now (it's a surprise – apple or cherry) 😀


  6. Hey!! Welcome back! I've been in a similar place as you lately! I'd had hundreds of entrance exams for joining my postgrad degree and then as many interviews! Then it was a hard road to getting an acceptance at the college I wanted. Then when I did get accepted and college started, I realized Postgrad is SO hard! It's been just a week and we've already been given a year long project, 3 assignments and a presentation. I'm finally back with regular blogging but these days I get SO exhausted! But I do believe it's okay to take a little break from blogging sometimes but boy you have been really busy!! So yeah, welcome back!!


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