Music Monday (8)

Music Monday is a weekly event hosted by Lauren over at Always Me.  Every Monday, you share one or two of your favorite songs you’ve been enjoying that week to help other people discover new music!  Here are my picks for this week:

I’ve been loving a lot of new music lately so I thought I’d share some with ya’ll!  Like I mentioned in my December Wrap-Up, I’ve been mostly listening to The Greatest Showman, Les Mis, and Beauty and the Beast soundtracks as well as Taylor Swift’s new album.  Here are a few of my absolute favorites!

Never Enough – Loren Allred
This is one of my favorite songs from The Greatest Showman soundtrack (the other being Tightrope)!  Loren Allred’s vocal range perfectly matches my own and I love singing along with this song.
Javert’s Suicide – Russell Crowe
I absolutely love this song.  It’s so full of agony and perfectly represents Javert’s torn self.  It also helps that Russell Crowe’s voice is perfect for it!
How Does a Moment Last Forever – Celine Dion
This is a song from the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack that I’ve been listening to on repeat (along with Evermore).  Celine Dion’s voice is perfect for this song and this message and I love it!
I Did Something Bad – Taylor Swift
This is a song from Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation.  I like a number of the songs on the album, but this is one of my favorites!
Have you heard any of these songs before?  Any favorites?  What have you been listening to recently?

0 thoughts on “Music Monday (8)”

  1. Nope but I'm just now getting into it again. I watched the 2012 movie for the first time a year ago (I know, I'm so behind!) and I still haven't gotten the opportunity to see it on stage. It is coming to my hometown (which isn't where I live now for uni unfortunately) in April and I'm crossing my fingers that I can get a ticket and am able to travel to see it! The movie remains one of my favorite movies of all time and the soundtrack is so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Oh, very cool post! I love it! I'm thinking of trying to watch Greatest Showman next week but it may or may not pan out. The music is great though isn't it? And Beauty and the Beast? Loved that soundtrack too! Amazing picks and I'm going to keep watch for another post from you for Music Monday!


  3. It's so great! Even though the story isn't exactly accurate (you kind of expect that from Disney, though), the music and the visuals are beautiful! There have been so many amazing soundtracks lately! (or maybe it's just me going on a musical kick!) Thanks for stopping by, Di!


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