#BookBlogWriMo – Where You Read

Today’s Topic: Where You Read – Pretty self-explanatory. Bonus for a picture!

Sorry, no picture!  I have too many places I read!  I sort of mentioned this in my last post but in the summer, I read on my screened in porch on this comfy reclined porch chair.  It feels so amazing to be reading a real book under the warm sun in a comfy chair with a cat sitting on my feet ^.^

Next then!  I always read at least an hour before bed in bed.  Usually I read from my kindle then because it’s more comfortable to lay sideways with my kindle rest on the bed (less arm strength required) than to hold up a gigantic book while I’m lying down.  After a while, my arms would feel all numb and tingly which I take to be a bad sign.  So I’ve mostly restricted myself to my kindle at night.  Of course, sometimes I just can’t resist finishing a hard copy that’s so good.

I also read at school if I’ve finished a test or something early and have some extra time on my hands.  I mostly carry my kindle around for that because there’s absolutely no room in my backpack for a nice hard cover book.

If it’s winter and I can’t read my hard covers outside, I’ll lay on my couch in front of the fire and read them!  That’s the best way to relax after a long day in the winter – curl up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate, a good hardcover, and a cat sleeping on my feet (yeah my cats love sitting on me…).

And last but certainly not least, I read at mealtimes.  Mostly at lunch on weekends.  I can never read during breakfast on a school day because I’ll keep telling myself ‘just one more chapter!’ and soon I have 2 minutes until I have to leave.  Yeah, not good.  So I keep it confined to weekend lunches and sometimes dinner if my parents are gone (note to self, don’t read at the table when other socializing people are present).

Also, I try to never read outside of any of those times and get my homework and other things done first.  Because once I start reading, it’s impossible to stop.  I’ll say to myself ‘just one more chapter!’ and then soon it’s 2 in the morning and I haven’t done any homework.  I realized this was a serious problem a while ago and am still working on my self-control xD

Where do you read?

0 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo – Where You Read”

  1. That's so funny how people have many places they read–I only read in one place! I've found it to be incredibly difficult to read on the go. My attention used to be much better, but homework has taken my mind of reading and I haven't been doing nearly as much reading as I'd like. I'm working on changing this, and maybe I'll search for new places to read while I'm at it! 😀


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