#BookBlogWriMo – Why You Blog

Today’s Topic: Why You Blog – Again, self-explanatory.

Why DO I blog…?  Yeah this is a relatively uncomplicated answer.  Basically, 1. because when I was writing reviews, someone suggested I start a blog and I thought it was a good idea 2. because I LOVE reading and 3. because there are so many awesome people you can meet by joining the blogosphere!

Yeah.  That’s actually pretty much it.

Sorry for the incredibly short post… here’s a cute cat picture to make up for it!

Why do you blog?  If you’re participating, comment your link so I can check out your post!

0 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo – Why You Blog”

  1. Oh I love this idea of doing a #BookBlogWriMo! Very nice. Anyway, I definitely agree with your responses–I book blog to connect with other readers and to share my opinion to others on the internet.


  2. I have practically the same reasons as you! Though I'm not participating so haven't done a post about ithttp://enchantedbyya.blogspot.com/2014/11/review-rising-tide-dark-innocence-maura.html


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