#BookBlogWriMo – Where You Blog

Today’s Topic: Where You Blog – Bonus for a picture!

I actually have a picture this time!  Here’s where I blog:

So there’s my computer (I don’t have a laptop, just a desktop PC).  I guess I’ll go from left to right…  First off, that’s my clarinet and music to the left and then my backpack (for school), Time magazines I’ve finished reading and have to be recycled, some notebooks and the book Wings by Elizabeth Richards on top of the harddrive (I’m searching for quotes for my review) with my garbage can just behind that. 

On my desk is my computer and just some random junk, more magazines to read, my clock, a horse sculpture I made a couple years back with some candles and a mini frog on the base, my pencils/pens/scissors in the little cup thingy, my blue candy container (I have an obsessive need to eat while I work on my computer), water bottle, lamp and a picture on the base, blogging calender/planner in the back and school calender/planner in the front, frog tape dispenser, post-its, pencil sharpener, and calculator.

Then, back on the floor is my paper recycling container on the floor, some amazing chocolate prezel things I got for Halloween (it says on the package ‘barkThins snacking chocolate Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt’) that are AMAZING, Willium Strunk Jr. and E.B. White – The Elements of Style fourth edition book, Essays of E.B. White book, a big thing of ‘extra fancy mixed nuts’, and my file folder that holds blogging papers, school papers, and just random stuff I have yet to go through.

So that’s where I blog!  Do I get a brownie now?

Where do you blog?

0 thoughts on “#BookBlogWriMo – Where You Blog”

  1. Ah, I used to blog on a desktop (my mom's), but then it stopped working. Luckily we were both able to get new laptops! I practically live on my laptop, haha.


  2. I actually blog on my tablet most of the time (because I'm lazy like that XD) but I sometimes blog on my family laptop (which is not allowed to be moved from the table) whenever I'm not being lazy which is rarely lol. Nice post! :D~Carina @myaddictionbooks.blogspot.com


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